Hey, there’s a new website!

21 strong showed up for their Friday beatdown at Atilla

The Thang:

Mosey over top of parking deck to dry pavement (no wet grass today) for opening COP – SSHs, IWs, Mountain Climbers, LBCs, Wide-arm Merkins, Squats, 5 Burpees

Mosey across Kings and down the path to Will Call for Dips, Step-ups and Dips

Mosey to fountain – hey, look it’s working so incline merkins facing the water

Mosey down path and across bridge to the apartment building hill – Partner up, with Partner 1 running to top of hill for Merkins and back down, while Partner 2 planks, and then Flapjack.  Do that again with Squats at top and plank on bottom.  Then do it one more time with Burpees on top and Parker Peters on bottom.

Mosey back across bridge and back to fountain for Derkins

Mosey back to Will Call for more Dips and Step-ups

Mosey down path and pick up a rock under the bridge (don’t get an embarrassing one, YHC promises we aren’t going anywhere with them) – Ball-Chinians (Hammer Curls), Presses, Ball-Chinians, Presses, return rock (shout out to Wahoo for choosing a borderline boulder!)

Mosey up path stopping several times to lunge walk and gather pax and then do a set of Squats on the Target/Wendy’s circle.

Mosey up the long Target stairs to smoking lounge for a few minutes of Mary – Freddy Mercurys, Heels to Heaven, Rosalitas (pax generally loved Rev’s singing I think), LBCs

Mosey to rails for 2 sets of Pull-em-ups, one outboard and one inboard.

Time to head home – get back to camp with a minute to spare so close it out with 10 Burpees.


Who knew?  Apparently, there is a new F3 Metro website – OK maybe not so new to some but to YHC, this is the first time writing a backblast in the new decentralized world of F3 online.  We’ll see if it works.

Rev complained last week that people needed to step up and Q so we wouldn’t have to endure Eminem’s silent assassin beatdowns all the time.  YHC was shamed into finally signing up, so the pax was stuck with me.

Heard some mumble chatter about this not being Splinter or Ring Run – gotta break up the monotony and run a little, boys.  We covered 2.25 miles which is more than AG did the next day – not bad for Core Plus!

Always an honor to Q for this amazing group of men.  Fresh Meat, literally, next week – it’s his virgin Q!  Should be a good one!

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