CORE – pure CORE

Eight strong posted at CORE this day.  Limited running as this was a retro-workout, back to the basics, straight down the fairway, whatever…

Mumble chatter abounded adding to the distractions as the 11s seemed to baffle everyone.  Clearly, back to basics was necessary.

This is what we did:

Warm-up: 15x: SSH, IWs; 10x Merkins; 10x: one-arm presses, upright rows, lawnmowers; 20x: Freddie Mercury, LBCs, oblique crunches.  Rinse and repeat.

To the cones:

Hit the bands – up and back to 1 cone with each of the following: side lunge, sliders, monster walks; each in a partial squat.  Next to the cones, mosey up 2 cones, backwards mosey 1 cone, 3 merkins repeat to the end.  Plank it up.

To the picnic tables:

11s: dips and Parker Peter merkins; step-ups and J-Los

Back to the cones:

Skip up 2 cones, backwards mosey 1 cone, 1 burpee repeat  to the end.  Plank it up.

Back to the parking lot for some Merry:

20x: LBCs, Greg Louganis, Dying Cockroaches, Rosalitas, Low-slow-flutters, Dollys

COT:  Team Diva today Freedom Park – please attend!  Run along Ruth Samuelson Trail.

Rev: with the takeout.

Rev:  thanks for the music

VW:  thanks for the bands

Pleasure to Q these men.  Excited about Teal Diva run today – along the Ruth Samuelson part of The Greenway. What a great way to remember Ruth and her amazing legacy, while raising money to fight ovarian cancer!




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