23 Strong&Fast for MIP

I’ve never Q’d at MIP before, but YHC (your humble correspondent) has been around enough to know all the good places around for plenty of pain and fellowship opportunities.  I’ve also never seen a group at MIP this large, either they didn’t know YHC was on Q or the weather is improving.  Here’s what we did….

Gather in front of the Mission for a little COP (circle of PAIN)

Side Straddle Hop (X30) in candence

Low Slow Squats (X20) in candence

WindMill (X20) in cadence

Run to the Cul-de-sac for more PAIN…grab a rock

Curls (for the girls X20) in cadence

Overhead press (X20) in cadence

Squats (X20) in cadence

Put the rock back….

Run down the the soccer/football field, circle it up

Listen to YHC’s phone play Roxanne

On Roxanne, do a Mercan (good ol’ Mercan pushup)

On Redlight, do a plank jack

Line up on the field in groups of 3 for some grinders

Side 1 Side Straddle Hop

Side 2 Little Baby Crunches

switch to

Side 1 Monkey Humpers

Side 2 Flutter Kicks

switch to

Side 1 Lunges

Side 2 Mercans (good ol ‘Mercan pushups)

Run to the Tunnel

Everyone sit in the People’s Chair

Air presses (X20) in cadence

Everyone go down the line and do 5 Mercans while the rest of us sit

Run to the BBall Court

Fire Hydrants each leg (X10)

Run back to the Rock Pile and grab a rock

Go into a squat, one PAX counts down from 10, stand up, next PAX counts down

Naked Moleskin

This was a hardworking group and a large one at that.  Welcome to FNG’s Hercules (loves Eddie Murphy movies), Woodchuck (hmm something to do with a badger, I think?), Dojo (guy’s 70 and still kickin’ our butts but also loves Kung Fu movies), Gomer (Full Metal Jacket), Mott’s (enjoys Poke Chops with apple sauce), and Ruby (first date at Ruby Tuesdays).  This group is really spanning the generations here…Dojo, Valdez, and Carrier probably still use landlines and M80 probably doesn’t even know what a pay phone is.  Speaking of M80, kid was crushing it up the hill at the end, I think he may have been racing The Imp and Marv.  Guys, don’t try and race a 12YO…they’ll win every time.  Zoo Keeper and Vega did a little extra credit running back to pick up the 6…iron sharpens iron, leave no man behind.  Deathrow got a little sweaty, didn’t he just do a race in a humid coastal SC town recently?  YHC ran with WaffleHouse for a little while.  Got in a great 30 sec. of conversation before talking was just too much and the air was needed for propelling YHC forward.  Also good to meet Wylie, he came all the way in from the North Country.  That’s dedication.  Quiet day from Sunshine, at least in my sector but it looked like he was getting in some good mumble chatter with the guys around him.  Didn’t get a chance to chat it up with Iditerod or Remix much but am pretty curious about those names.  Movies must be a theme in nicknaming as Prawn likes Forest Gump (fried, boiled, baked, broiled, I think that’s about it).

Sorry for the Q fail on not bringing speakers.  Nothing fires up a crowd like Sting and Roxanne.  Especially the incredibly long (or so it seems) version.  YHC vastly underestimated the size of the crowd, the noise on the street, and the quietness of his phone.  I assure you, it won’t happen again.

Thanks to Deertick and Marv for the take out and for the opportunity to lead and hang with you guys for another Saturday.

Until next time,

SYITG (see you in the gloom)




addendum: I could only hear the name Artis but my recording was a little garbled.  Maybe someone can shoutout in the comments what that name actually is.

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