Exclusive Workout at Copperhead

3, that’s right you heard it correctly 3 posted for the most exclusive workout on Randolph Rd, on Moanday, at 6AM.  YHC usually likes to make the PAX do monkeyhumpers on busy street corners when there’s fewer than 3 but fortunately for the PAX, plans were already in motion.  Here’s what went down:

Circle up, no time for a warm up lap



Copperhead Squats

Run to the rock pile, grab a rock, come back

Curls IC

Overhead Press IC

Grab the beam and run around the Museum island

Come back & rinse & repeat

3rd time we switched it up with some flutters, dollies, LBC’s with the rock

Take the rocks back to the rock pile

80% 1/2 across the parking lot

80% back across

90% back across and fellowship pace back to the shovel flag


A small but exclusive group today with the fellowship going as strong as the fitness and faith (take out – Stat).  That’s 2/3 for this week. Stay tuned for SIB Rivalry tomorrow, maybe we’ll even run some.  Deertick mentioned this wknd that boot camps had become running clubs so the point of today was to stay close, do some strength, but also get the heart rate up.  Thanks DayZ for the opportunity to lead.  Remember Whim’s family in your thoughts and prayers. No other announcements.

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