High Cost of Low Living

Run to Mutha.

Suicides. Backwards up to level 2 at all times.

15 sumo jump squats at each stop, 10 x-fit merkins at the bottom.

Upon summiting. 10 derkins, 25 LBCs, 25 CDDs.

Run home.


  • Light crowd this morning. I guess not too many wanted to get their teeth kicked in so early in the week. Checkpoint Q’d DMZ. At least I think that’s what he said. I have no idea if that is a workout or a bible study or some sort of support group. Dredd was inevitably recovering from some sort of Iron Project event in Toledo Ohio. Yes, that is correct…I asked him twice. And the site Q just didn’t show up #kidsorlawyershitorwhatever
  • Lot’s of terrible form and skipped exercises this morning (Cindy). But in all fairness I didn’t make it up to the top the second time. Please see comments below for Cindy’s response. Which will be 3 things. #1 very quick as he inevitably checks the website every 15 minutes to see what people are saying about him. and #2 extremely derogatory probably towards me to take the heat off him and #3 funny. #pokingthebeariseasy
  • Bunny sighting today. I have heard 2 stories. #1 he is now self employed helping folks fake their own deaths and #2 gets illegals across the border in bales of pine straw. In either time-sucking case it was great to see him for his quarterly F3 workout #stillamember #stilfast #stillhasabeard
  • Ice puked, Cindy/Bunny/TML were first, Hillary left his shirt on, and TML didn’t bring a watch.
  • Lots of activity at the ‘Ship today. Some backpack hiker dude (does the Trail go through here, brah?), He Hate Me showed up (sorry, Phoenix) and yes Doobie was there, but luckily no cars had the audacity to use the spiral.
  • I clocked 3.9 miles. Crappy way to get 3.9 miles.
  • And yes. I don’t like using the Y’s parking lot. Seems sort of like bringing outside food into a restaurant #corkingfee. Not really sure why we do that. Out of all of the empty parking lots within 1 mile of uptown at 5:30 in the morning we choose one that is super busy and belongs to a business which makes its money via paying members. Of which most of us are not. I think I remember the original premise was to try and steal young male YMCA members to our non-YMCA group. Which makes even less sense. BUT, obviously I’ve caved. Just like all of my other ethical standards. As long as I am successfully able to lower my standards faster than my situation deteriorates I will be OK. Some days that is difficult. Thus PW2 is the High Cost of Low Living.
  • Announcement. Need help this Saturday at 5:30 PM at the Men’s Shelter on Statesville Ave (3410 Statesville Ave). We are providing BBQ dinner for the guests (about 200 men) and recruiting for our F3 workout on Tuesday mornings. Please let me know if you can make it lambertjr@stoneres.com/704-526-5133. Black Bear will be there.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to make sure I show up, Gandalf.

Until next time.

Your friend,



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