11 Strong showed up for Metro’s premium workout and here is how it went:

Mosey down to the basketball court with your bell for a bunch of:

2 hand swings / Push press / high pulls / Merkins / Goblet squat / Standing lunge / Curls / Dips

Followed By a bunch of:

Plank / Elbow plank / LBC’s / Freddie Mercury / Flutter / Oblique crunch / Heels to heaven / Dolly

Then do it all again.  That’s right do it all again.  No running.  There was some major whining at that point.

After running through all of that twice I let them run.  From bball court down to corner of Dilworth and Romany and back.

Then back to the bells:

2 hand swings / Push press / High pulls / Curls

Couple of rounds of cross court wind sprints and we were done.


I’m getting old and my hips hurt this morning so there was going to be very little running.  The point of today’s workout was to get Stinger to drop his bell on the ground and walk around it in circles instead of doing the exercises while muttering something unkind as well as to get STH’s form on every exercise to look the same regardless of the exercise.  Box checked.  There was a lot of muttering going on but this is what Combine can be about sometimes.  If you are going to lug a bell to a workout you might as well use it and today we did just that.

I don’t know if no one wanted to speak to me anymore after the workout or what but there were no announcements.

Narc thanks for the keys and keep on doing what you are doing.  Combine is a new beast.



2 thoughts on “Per-Form-ance

  • April 30, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    That was some really bad medicine, Kraut. Still sore this morning. Had I known that was on the agenda…

  • April 30, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    Kraut, nice Q and thanks for letting us run at the end. FYI, Hillary was FIFO, not LIFO. Accounting term for you to look up…

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