Swift Kick to the Nuts

10 men showed up and had no idea how this week would start.

10 Burpees OYO (now to be known as “10BOYO”)

Run down Myrtle, 10BOYO, Left on Lexington, Stop at Dowd YMCA parking lot.  10BOYO

Right on South BLVD (Doobie with an Audible F-bomb) and head into Uptown.

Stopping at MLK and Caldwell for 10BOYO……..one more stop at 3rd/Caldwell for Imperial Walkers while the 6 catch up…. next stop the MuthaShip

Base on Muthaship – 10 BOYO as we watch the PWW crew do a few merkins…

Up the Spine, 10BOYO at the top, down, 100 LBC

Up the spine forwards and backwards alternating levels….10BOYO at the top, down 50 LBC’s.

Start the trip back home stopping for 10BOYO 3 times.



Simple workout today: run, burpees, LBC’s, and one odd set of 10 Imperial walkers.  Got in 4.6 miles for the main event and 100 burpees.  Lee would be proud!

YHC corresponded with Slaughter (PWW Q) before this one.  Went like this…

RF: Hey Slaughters,  I’m Qing Phoenix and plan to spank these boys up and down the Mutha.

Slaughter:  Me too with the PWW crowd.   You do your thing and i’ll do mine…see you there.

and that’s what happened.  Looks like PWW was doing some type of complex suicide up the spiral with forwards/backwards running and random exercise.  PWW-Curly looked like he was in rough shape…almost as rough as Doobie after a weekend of Fishing…i mean drinking.  He even defected over to the Phoenix crew for a run up the spine…I digress…good to hi-5 some of the PWW crew this am as we shared the toughest man made structure in the QC.

I’m Qing Bandit on Wednesday and feeling nice….no surprise Mutha adventure in the cards.  Be there.

Keep Pate’s son Theo in your prayers.  The little guy has been in and out of the hospital the last week but he’s a rockstar so should be back at full strength in no time.

Dover with the prayer out and it was very good.  Thanks for putting in words what we were all thinking.

-Redd Foxx

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  • April 30, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    This burpeefest sounds pretty awful. Keen observation Foxx. I was in rough shape. Not for the same reason as Doobie. Suicides up and down The Mutha have a way of getting one into “rough shape.” We are all the better for it of course.

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