WIB Pre-blast – The Rented Mule

It’s been called an “oldie but a goodie”. Maybe it’s been a long time, maybe it hasn’t. But, the time has come to run it back – “it” being “The Rented Mule”. So buckle up, buttercup. Big boy pants, and whatnot.  Red pill, blue pill, whatever you need.

For the neophytes, or oldtimers with failing memories, The Rented Mule goes as follows:

Partner up. Size doesn’t matter. Speed does.

Run the full “mile” into the park, past the train, over the bridge to the stairs.

Partner A – up the stairs and back down. 20 dips, derkins, LBCs.

Partner B – to the playground for 10 pull-ups

Switch and repeat until 0606, then run the full mile back to the gravel lot for COT.



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