The Rented Mule

Cooler weather at the outset – a brisk 49 with some wind.  Somehow, surprisingly – several either didn’t remember or hadn’t run The Rented Mule.  Think we were 2/9 reading the  pre-blast, so improvement.

The Thang:

Partner up

Run the full mile into the park, past the train, over the bridge, and ’round the bend, stopping at the base of the Stairway to Heaven.

Partner A – up the stairs and back down.  20 dips, 20 derkins, 20 LBCs
Partner B – run to playground for 10 pull-ups

Flapjack, repeato until 0607.

Run the full mile back to COT.  Fin


Double digits again.  Good crew.  Mr. Bo broke his unwritten rule “long sleeves under 50 degrees”.  DIB and Boone led the field.  Boone correctly pointed out the inanity and unnecessary partner work, which caused YHC to contemplate the reason this workout always had partners in the first place – likely a combination of Elon grads and larger #s (makes easier to split the group).  Nonetheless, the timing works pretty well for equally yoked partners.  Just enough time to complete everything, but not much to recover.  Doobie with the proper Metro response to the small time hack at the finish (8-minutes to run the mile out) – a heartfelt eff you.  COT started glibly with news that “Team Rifty” wants to reinvigorate the Mud Run, which turned to reminiscence among the pax.  Little known fact, but allegedly Boone once won the thing along with The Knack (RIP – a facetious RIP, haven’t seen that guy in forever).  Mr. Bo also once *won* (as a witness, I give him credit despite the record books).  Things turned more serious with news that Pâté is dealing with a sick kid.  Please keep him, his son, and their family in your prayers.  And speaking of guys dealing with life, it was really good to have Missing De out.

That brings up a good point – we’re all going through “stuff”.  With competing demands for time (work, wife, kids, church, volunteering, etc.), we have to be intentional, so make the time to ask those guys in your life (the ones that you’d hope would do the same) how they’re really doing.

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