NFL post DRAFT Black Widow, with a little flavor

Great group today. Co-led by Big Worm and Skoal Bandit.   Just a little something to shake it up. Great diversity out there, with low age at 26 (who is a new dad btw) and the high age at 61 (say what!).   It was a wide range of fitness too, and we hope it supported the demands that each person needed to test their levels without going too far over.

Per the tweet from @F3Big_Worm and @SkoalBandit, the theme was the NFL per last weekends draft . . . with this running back duo coming at you hard.   Big Worm working the speed around the edges early in the game, with Skoal closing it out and burning the clock with 4-5 yard plays in the 2nd half.   It is the perfect strategy, as the defense widens out and gets winded going from sideline to sideline early (especially the LBs), and then, boom! With their weak legs we hit them steady and consistent in the 2-3-4 gaps for those 4-5 yards each play . . . the beat goes on, the clock churns, the meek collapse.

The Thang:

Quarter 1 – Big Worm in the single back, run and shoot look with 2 Slots + 2 WOs

  • COP at the Trinity Parking lot. A few guys coming in hot. Mention of Big Worm starting 30 secs early – shut your hole, ain’t your party. This is equivalent of running the no-huddle from the start. Don’t question the Coach.
    • SSH
    • Squats
    • MCs
    • Merkins
  • Run up through side slot by Eddie’s and that Art gallery, run over Sharon Amity and to first road on right. Slow down to see where the Pax is. A little worried the clock is moving too fast, and see an 80 yrd Pax behind so assume we are good.   Some of the O-line need a breather from the “fun and gun” no-huddle.
  • Stop at Newport’s house for a huddle to plan next series of downs.
  • Partner up, run circle in front of Newports house.
    • Rd 1 – do Partner 10 Derkins
    • Rd 2 – do 5 Bro-Burpees (partners burpees with single jumping high five after each one), if you choose to do bromance burpees then you do 2 handed or high tens. Worm and Skoal are not judgemental folk, do as you please. Our locker room is chill like that.
    • Jim Nantz notes at the end of Quarter 1: “It appears 5 of the Pax have disappeared, and did not make it to the front of Newports’s house. More to come on this story as it develops.”   WTF? <disappear-gate hits the line word via Tweeter, conspiracy theories abound>

Quarter 2 – Big Worm in single-back, still no huddle, rotating double TEs.

  • Run to bottom of Ferncliff, stop to gather Pax.
  • Sprint up Ferncliff hill at rapid pace (el rapido), by Panda’s house. I did see someone, maybe Pitno, hip check Panda’s mailbox.   Flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. Come on man!

Short Halftime Break

  • Jim Nantz comments “. . . it looks like this just got really interesting. That 5 Pax that went missing due to some unknown reason, well they just showed up from the tunnel and are taking over the offense.”

Quarter 3 – Skoal in the backfield, pro-form with Ribeye as the FB. Van Winkle off right tackle as the TE, with Boondoggle in the slot and some new guy, but a “guapo” dude with a tan, is out left as the Split End position.

  • Skoal takes over where they are building the new townhomes on Sharon Amity prior to Cotswold shopping center. They just sort of showed up there.
  • This group proceeds to burn down the clock, full quarter owning the possession with Skoal leading the way. Epic lead. The set was:
    • 10 SSH, 10 Merkins, 10 Plankjacks, with a progress down by 1 until it gets to 10SSH, 1 Merkin and 10 Plankjacks, a total buster.

Quarter 4 finally here – Skoal goes to wildcat just for the fun of it.

  • Run down Sharon Amity back to hot box. Do some fun stuff in the hotbox, lunges and burpees. Allowing some of the Pax to catch up.
  • Finish off by running down Providence road, hanging a left and back to the AO.
  • Game over.

Mel Kiper NFL Draft Feedback on some of Pax (just a snapshot):

  • Beaker- WR – Pros: Good speed with strong route running, Feet are crisp  in their cadence  Cons: Thin build, Too easily impeded by contact, Scouts question toughness
  • Pitino – ILB – Pros: Has posted high-impact production, Feet pump and trigger, Twitches to make plays, Physicality. Cons: Random downhill paths, patience is lacking.
  • Grizzly QB – Pros: Alpha in the locker room, NFL size, arm strength, Iisn’t a throw he fears, Cons:       Elongated release, Needs more touch on deep balls
  • Seaworld – S – Pros: Extremely versatile, Quick to squeeze routes, Savvy blitzer with athleticism. Cons:       Can be too cautious in run support
  • TeBow – CB – Pros: Tracks and catches like a receiver, Physical from press, Premium talent as a return man Cons: No  mirror / match, Allows physical receivers to push
  • Ribeye – DT – Pros: Plays on bouncy feet, Grinds through inside edge of a tackle and guard. Cons:       Plays top-heavy at times
  • Rocky Top – RB – Pros: Every-down running back, Has plant-and-go burst, Compact frame. Cons:       More elusive than powerful, Too north/south for frame, needs a little east / west
  • Sloppy – QB – Pros:  Underrated arm talent, Responds to what is there, Eyeballs safeties, Leadership late in games intangible. Cons: Creeps up in pocket, can create unnecessary sacks.
  • Mel Kiper’s analysis was cut short, but you can check out for the details. He did note a few guys opted out of the combine, and it will hurt their draft status.  Notables include Coach, Nibbler, GasX and Sump (JV cross country instead of this – for real?).  And No, I didn’t type all that stuff above.  I do have a fascination with the analysis language used in the NFL draft, read it sometime.

Overall NMM:

No need to forget we did have an FNG, so need to give him due here – Bo South.   West Charlotte H.S., CofC grad, State fan (bless his heart, and the blood the runs through his veins), construction man, father, husband . . . he battled thru it this morn, not having worked out in a while. He’ll be back. His names went from Dog Ballz, to Double D, to Luke, to Daisy (taken), to Uncle Jessie (taken) to Nortem or some Spanish derivative opposite of South. But the winning vote was El Guapo, from 3 Amigos, but linked from “South” of the Border. No walls here our friends. And because he does tan extremely easily, not a fact we need to know or care about (see comment way above). Great guy, get to know him.

Not so fast El Guapo . . . you ain’t as handsome as you think you are. But you are as motivating to these other men as they are to you.

Great group — both Skoal and I are honored to lead this fine group of men. Very motivated by all levels and ages that attended, some strained more than others, some barely broke a sweat, but that ain’t the point. Skoals take out was perfect – we are blessed to be able to laugh, cry, sweat with each other and have this together. All for the Glory.

Shout out to Dry Rub, just had their first child 2 weeks ago and he is out here.   Get to know him btw.

Panda leading next week –support a true #him.

Boom goes the dynamite ladies. That was fun.


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