SIB: Back in the day…

16 pax this morning. The Usual Suspects.

But I think you’re not supposed to like that movie anymore. Or something.

We used to run this mile-ish loop back in the day. Very popular when Freeloader was Q. We started and ended at TML’s house. But now Freeloader has moved on and TML has moved – and somehow we don’t do this one so much. Good day to bring it back.

Warm up: 1+ mile (then some skipping and high knees and such)

5 x 0.97-ish miles. Rest 1 minute in between each mile interval.

Cool down <1 mile.

Checkpoint and Hillary are ready for the Mud Run. Anyone remember what that is? Used to be everyone from Metro got on a bus together (or several buses) and drove to SC for this race. Swamp Fox paid for the whole thing and now has a lifetime supply of frequent flier miles. FaSoLa made sure there was enough beer to satisfy all of Metro – and still sent everyone home with extras in their duffel bags. Shawshank almost missed the birth of his first child (ok not quite that close) to defend the F3 Busted Paw title one year. And who could forget the inimitable Cindy and his victories. Only thing more impressive was his multi-part backblast/novella which is now likely lost to the “upgrade” of the F3 website (got to confess I never read the whole thing but it seemed to evoke some strong reactions – probably by design).

Next week we will run hills. Try finding something within warm up distance of AG that we have not already done. Not sure it is possible after all this time but will keep looking.

Memorial Day – Patriot Festival 5K – F3 convergence beforehand. Speed For Need at the race. Register now.




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  • May 1, 2018 at 5:07 pm

    Greatest pice of literature ever penned for F3. #pawdiaries And the new Nash is so awesome…

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