Nothing Else Matters

The pax didn’t know what I had planned and after a trip to the Mutha + 100 burpees from my Monday Q…they suspected Bandit would be terrible too.   We all left this work out with a renewed perspective of what really matters in life.  Our faith in Family and Community!


About 8:30 last night i was feeding my 6 week old daughter (bottle, not nipple) and the short moments of calmness in my house usually occur during this nighttime feeding because our 19month old is sleeping already and the 6 week old is busy chowing down.  Good time to reflect and think about thing while we both drift off to sleep in this rocking chair.  Just when i was about to fall asleep in the chair i get a text from Mariah…”dude, can’t make Bandit tmro.  Tiger teeing off at 7am….early day for me”   Normally this isn’t an acceptable excuse but this is official work business for Mariah so i let it slide.  Mariah has also been the one keeping the pax posted on the status of Theo aka Renial Warrior aka Pate’s son.  Theo’s been in the hospital 3 times for multi-day stays over the last 3 weeks needing some help recovering from being under the weather.  Theo had a kidney transplant as an infant and one effect is a weaker immune system, so in rare occurrences he needs the pros to help him fight off and recover from normal sickness that kids his age (6 yr old) tend to get.   Knowing Mariah wasn’t going to be at Bandit to give us the update, I texted Pate directly.    Got the news that Theo is back in the hospital, Levine Children’s Hospital…best in the world!

And the lightbulb clicked….Bandit is not just the best more versatile AO in Metro…it’s also a stones throw from the Hospital.  With that idea in mind….here is what happened at Bandit today.


10 Burpees OYO….head down the greenway towards Morehead.  Stop at the Harding st bridge for some squats in cadence.   Then 3 trips up Harding (forward, Backward, Forward) with 10 burpees at the top and 20 merkins at the bottom.

Back on the greenway doing south…partner wheel barrel 50 yrs or so.   Circle the group up and explain the situation and surprise plan of action.  Ran to the main entrance of Levines and right on time 0550 Pate was waiting for us.  He managed to sneak out for a few minutes to say hi.  We then circled up right out front and did 6 minutes (Theo is 6 yrs old) of Burpees…10 a minute).   Pate threw off his flops and joined us barefoot.  Most exercise he’s had in a while.   So great to be there with him and show our support, even just for a few minutes.   We had a quick ball of man prayer and parted ways.  Pate back up to Theo’s room and the Pax on our way back home on the greenway….feeling extremely humbled no less.

We had 15 more minutes of torture on the way home…hills, squats, Mary, 11’s, dips, derkins…blah blah but none of it mattered at .


This is what F3 is about boys….the shield lock of life is never far away.  Pate is a humble guy and wouldn’t want us to make a big deal of this but I know i certainly felt the special energy in the air during those 6 minutes.  Glad this last minute plan worked out.

Doobie almost broke the automatic door entrance to the hospital…every burpee he did set it off and it didn’t know if it should have been open or closed…ha.

Valdez had a great prayer out during COT… and the community is a strong bond and we all support each other when times are tough knowing it can happen to any one of us.  Theo is an extremely strong kid and will recover soon enough.

Pate – we love you man!


P.S….Freedom Park area is the best AO in Metro!  SO MANY OPTIONS.

One thought on “Nothing Else Matters

  • May 2, 2018 at 4:13 pm

    Foxxxxx many thanks to you and the Pax for sneakin’ by the ‘homespital’ this morning.

    Never expected it and I didn’t know if I would make it down after a late night ‘Dubs victory, but I’m glad I set the alarm, put on the Reef’s, and snuck downstairs for a little of each F.

    Missing so much first F over the past few weeks has smothered my fitness level, so I needed those burpees more than anyone. Thanks for the chance to participate.

    F3 (and FiA for the M) have brought together so many different elements in our life, and have made the QC a special place for us to live. Doing burpees on the doorstep of LCH with this group of guys was another reminder of just how blessed we are to live in this time in this place with these people.

    Thanks for thinking of me and and making the effort; will never forget it.

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