S6: Dodging Batteries

Oh hey there Summer.  Didn’t see you walk in while we were all waiting on Spring.  Balmy this morning.  Is this the backblast equivalent of awkard elevator talk with a co worker?  [Mon & Fri] Heeeyyyy…. Any plans for the weekend?  [Tues – Thurs]  Hot out there amirite?  One month on site Q and already mailing it in on backblasts.  Anywhoo…

People ran.  PC and Federalist went long.  Belly Itcher went fast.  Ice 9 threw up.  All the standard stuff.

Welcome to FNG Greg Lyons.  Now known as 9Volt.  I brought him out promising only a 10k run.  45min later MMOB has promised to change his life and teach him how to be a better father and husband despite the fact 9V still has his application pending as a contestant on next seasons Bachelorette.  Mayoral promises.  What can you do?

Announcements:  Colorado Springs goes live soon.  If you know anyone out there get in touch with Crotch Rocket.  Also, nasty rumors circulating McHorsey is launching next Monday.  Spooky seems to know something.  Ask him.  And if you run out of things to talk about you can always ask him if he’s got any plans for the weekend?


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