Already Getting Audited

12 finely tuned F3 athletes were run all over the neighborhoods of Cotswold this am and are better for it, even you Coach. Here’s the skinny;

No COP(sorry Sump), just take off running down Montclair to the bottom of Chandler Place. Dual Ladders up both sides of Chandler with 3 trips up each hill escalating with 4, 6 & 8 Hand Release Merkins at the top and also stopping each time at the bottom and do 5 Jump Squats.

Backwards run up Rutledge to Fielding Ave.  – Partner up.  Burpee chasers on the Fielding / Kingcross / Gresham loop.  Partner one – 3 burpees while Partner 2 runs.

Partner wheelbarrow up Rutledge to Providence (well almost Providence) stopping after every 10 steps to do a merkin.  Not a crowd pleaser.

Run across Providence to Greentree Rd.  Run the Greentree / Brookridge loop (about a mile) stopping 5x and do 10 WWII sit ups.

Mary – LBC’s – 15x, Flutter – 15x, Freddie Mercury – 15x

Run back across Providence to the parking lot behind Eddie’s Place for the return of Jack Webb’s – 10x. #nofans

AYG back to COT and finish with 5 burpees OYO.


– Good to be back Qing Fortress this morning and good to have the newly elected Nantan for Metro here today Sump.  Don’t F this thing up dude. You’ve got the keys to the Ferrari now and yes Metro is the Ferrari of F3.  He was already in audit mode this morning.  Reminding me on writing a backblast and worried about running over our 45 minutes and what about my SSH’s and COP and are we going to make it back to COT in time. Hey, RELAX, YHC has got this.  It’s not my first rodeo. Metro will be in good hands with you Sump.

– Good to see Rook out there.  I thought he only went to executive workouts BTW.  Well, Fortress was far from an executive workout and I think he realized this pretty quick. You’re a long way from AG.

– Nabisco and Kaiser up front most of the morning.  Also good to see Kaiser back out there today. Strong work by all the PAX this am with a solid 3.5 miles traveled through the beautiful tree lined streets of Cotswold.

– Welcome back Jack Webb – It’s been a while and by the way you still suck. However my arms will thank you come pool season.

– Got a “You did OK” from Coach this morning so I’ll take that as a solid C score. Slowly working my way up to a B- with more practice.  I think Coach may have actually done a burpee or two.

– Sorry about the no SSH’s Sump.  Well, not really.


– Patriots 5K and Memorial Day Convergence – Monday May 28th. Double down with the convergence and 5K.  I’ll be there with the 2.0.  Details on the website.  It’s a great event and a great way to honor all the veterans out there. Never forget what they have done for this country.

– Forgot to mention this during COT, but please keep Belk and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks Frankie for the take out and Noonan & Backup for the opportunity to lead today.  Always a pleasure.

See ya next time.

Want Ad


One thought on “Already Getting Audited

  • May 4, 2018 at 7:27 pm

    Want Ad – today was rough but I know you held back because it was Rook’s 50th birthday.

    To be clear, I wasn’t questioning your decision as a Q to start Jack Webb with 5 minutes left in the workout while in a parking lot about 1/2 mile away from the AO. I knew you wouldn’t let us go over time – I was trying to come up with a divergence to avoid the Jack Webbs.

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