Never Pay Full Retail

A beautiful morning to gather in the gloom, albeit a damp gloom. Really messed up my plans for 45 minutes of football drills. Not that I am out to win a popularity contest, I just forgot to bring my towel. What a coincidence that we were out there on April 27. A bunch of folks left England on April 27 and ended up exploring Roanoke Island in future NC.

Great fellowship and lots of chatter to start off the morning, so moseyed to the smooth lot for CoP:

Merkins, squats, LBCs (?), SSH, and everyone’s (not) favorite some Don Quixotes (AKA Sharon Towers); likely some one or two other things, but CoP exercises fade from my memory quickly. I probably need to bring a winkie. Mosey over to Providence Prep lot for shuffles, cariocas, and some bear crawls.


Head to hotbox, everybody grab a coupon, head back to Providence Prep. Partner up so you can pool your coupons for more value!

Part I

Partner 1: Farmer walk for a bit with both coupons, stop for abyss merkins on your coupons, farmer walk back to partner for leg throws

Partner 2: AMRAP LBCs while-you-wait

Flapjack, rinse and repeat with declining reps each trip: 10/8/6/4/2 with the same distance farmer walk.

Part II

Partners 1 and 2 pace off duel-style, lunge walking with their coupon. At designated number of lunge reps, pause for squats with the coupon, then lunge walk back to partner. Celebrate being reunited with one bropee. Rinse and repeat with declining reps each trip: 10/8/6/4/2.

Return the coupons to the hotbox, and mosey back to AO for 6MoM.



There are a lot of great options to start your Saturday, and those PAX who haven’t posted yet should strongly consider it. Midwood and Revolution both kick off at 0700, great locations, great site Qs.

MIP (Saturday 0900) needs Qs, so it’s a great opportunity for a double header. Talk to Marv.

Great event coming up on Memorial Day, and Speed for Need will be out. The Patriot Festival Go the Extra Mile 5k will start at 0730 on 5/28/18.

Many members of the PAX need our prayers as they cope with loss. Reach out and stay in touch.


Great to have Alphabet join us at Fortress for the first time. Thank you to Sump for setting me straight on the exercise lexicon. Didn’t realize I started off the morning dressed like Han Solo at a Star Trek convention. Great turnout–so great in fact that there weren’t enough large coupons for everyone to get their full discount. I’m going to inventory them and make sure a few more mysteriously appear.

Thank you to Noonan and Backup for the opportunity to step up again.


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