The Empire of Chuck Woolery Strikes Back

A busy week in Charlotte won over several fartsackers.  Those that posted received the second episode in either a trilogy or a 9-ogy, depending on how many times YHC can Q at Casbah.  This was the route where YHC Q’ed himself into a 7-month injury.  So use as many Star Wars references as you can and MayTheFourthBeWithYou as you read.

The Thang:

Mosey out the carpool line, pick up Chalet, L on Foxcroft, R on Sedley, R on Arbor Way.  Some backwards run in there.  Regroup at McMullen Crick for SSH x15.  Left down the fairly-well-paved-path to the unknown playground.  Team pull-ups: two pax at a time pull-up to exhaustion while working on grip strength vs precarious bar options.  Rest of the pax rock some Makhtar Ndiayes.  Repeat second time with pax refusal to do more MN’s (opted for squats instead).

Mosey back to Arbor Way with better pace- like we knew that fairly-well-paved-path like the back of our hand.  L on Arbor Way for Chuck Woolery’s (every other driveway do 2 burpees).  Regroup at Fairview for HeelsToHeaven x20, Russian Twist x20.  Mosey down Edenton to the path behind FXE pool (go gators!).  Regroup at the pool.  Partner race around the pool (path/Valencia Terrace vs parking lot/Fairview).  Meet for 10 dumbocrats each.  Finish the circle and repeat dumbocrats x10 each.

Mosey out the parking lot and R on Fairview up the never-ending hill.  Follow Chalet to the top, plank, back down to bottom for a repeat.  Up hill again to R on Colony.  Regroup at the portal (Governors Hill Ln) for diamonds x20, wide-arms x10.  Mosey back to Sharon Elem for diamonds x20, wide-arms x10.



Holy crap, what was that orange meteor that ran by us on Fairview?  Silent Bob may not yet be ready for upper body work but i know he’ll be ready to run when he returns to the gloom.  Aye… The most forgotten muscle group in F3 is the back (followed closely by biceps).  I challenge Qs to do pull-ups often to counteract the never-ending merkin marathon.  One-Eye clearly hasn’t forgotten pull-ups.  YHC started to curse Makhtars while OneEye pumped out 20-30 pull-ups… that path at the crick is in pretty good shape when its not zero dark thirty.  My strobe light flashlight and GasX head lamp was our only saving grace.  Thank u, GasX.  Also props to the Gassy one for the best Star Wars reference of the day (that i heard).  Upon heading back down the never-ending Fairview hill, his timing was perfect with “I gotta bad feeling about this.” (Solo release date is May 25th)… our man Lincoln was a semi-kotter and we hope he logs more posts at Casbah and at Cotswold or Carmel Park or wherever he can get better… Chappy’s sundial was set on January and he thought it was 0630 when the sun started popping up.  It’s May, bro, keep running.  Always good to hear his chirping.  Like McEnroe… YHC must add the Chuck Woolery to the lexicon, pls assist if you know how to do this.  For those that didn’t spend the ’80s watching awful game shows, Chuck’s best work was holding the attention of the audience by saying the show would be back from commercials in “two and two” – so you run to second driveway or light pole or street or whatever and do two burpees or insert exercise.  Just as long as you do 2 and 2, i’m good with it.  Mr. Woolery is best known for his work on Love Connection but i recall him on Scrabble.  The internets also tell me he rocked games called Lingo and Greed.  Sounds like fun.  Fun fact- he filled in for Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune…  If YHC Q’s and doesn’t include either Kuechleys or ChuckWoolerys, pls revoke my F3 card… Finally, Chalet was the rabbit today.  He needed Tardy or Benefactor or some other freak to push him.  Next time.  Chalet is also a solid closer in the prayer category- well done and TY.


The Fortitude boys are feeding the men of The Mens Shelter this Saturday at 5:30pm at their Statesville Rd location just north of town.  It’s BBQ- get in there.  If you can’t make it Saturday, make it a point to go to Fortitude on Tuesday morning 0545-0630 just north of uptown to post with homeless pax.  It is the reason we do F3 instead of going to the Y.  Similar to Mission I’m Possible.  Contact myself on twitter @zzsimons, or Slaughter or Pipeline

Thx to Benefactor for the opp to run Casbah today and I hope the 5 others thoroughly unenjoyed it.

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