Episode 1 of The Hurt Locker– The one where a 70 something fella gets named Wiz Khalifa

There was a need for “something harder”. That was how the message was relayed to me. And by relayed, I mean one pax told another pax who told me. I was the worst person to say this to—mainly because I don’t have the same definitions most people do. I think Some Young Guy is a real name of a fella in Thailand or Burma or someplace like that. I think the “pap” in pap smear is short for Paprika. I don’t know why Cargo shorts are called cargo shorts when they don’t hold cargo, they hold stuff. They should be called stuff shorts.


Anyway… the call was for something harder at CORE. So . I heard the call, and got at it. Loaded up the truck and out we went. Here’s how it happened.


The standard: Because no matter what your definition, the STANDARD is the STANDARD.

Partner up for hairburners. Called exercise with your KB when you weren’t pushing the plate.   After 9 rounds, we went to the truck.

Same partners. This time push/pull the truck the length of the parking lot while other pax do called exercises.

Circle up for heavy carries. As much as you want, standard was 90 pounds of plates with a chain through the middle. Just sweet to carry around the pax while the carrier calls out an exercise.   After 1 lap, we were spent.

So we did brick work. Everybody grab 2 bricks for Fly Like An Eagles and Frankensteins, then put the bricks down for baby arm circles forward and backwards, then ssh. Then grab your bricks for 10 brick hip slappers. All in cadence x 20.   2 rounds.


Partner up again for partner pipe work. All the weight you wanted, lawn mowers and squats with you and your partner switching arms. 3 rounds of 10 each side.

Tried to finish with 15 minutes of hair burners, but Q got spent so we did 10 minutes and then mary.


NMM: Welcome to Mutiny’s Father in Law Mikey. Mikey= Life Cereal ( “Hey Mikey…he likes it” from the tv commercial)=Lyfe Jennings = Wiz Khalifa. Weird. Dude is strong. High school cross country coach, didn’t shed a tear no matter what we did. For the record, Pigskin is 64 and carried all 160 pounds on his turn. Partner pipe work is a soul crusher. And hair burners, well they are just hair burners. I keep thinking there is a trick to doing them, but there isn’t.


Thanks for being there. Playlist below. We will do this again next month. And it will be harder.

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