This was way worse than I thought it would be …

The title is an actual quote from this mornings workout.

14 men gathered in the gloom of AG middle school for a last-minute Q switch-up led by YHC.  Much like the soundtrack it was a heavy slug fest of reps that left both eardrums and bodies sore.  But YHC wasn’t concerned about being sore, it was a Monday and the pax had Cinco de Derby-o to sweat off.  Here’s how it went down.

The Thang:

Two-handed swing x 20, Merkins – x20
Two-handed swing x 20, Mt climbers x 20
Two-handed swing x 20, Deadlift to upright row to thrust x10
Two-handed swing x 20
Overhead Farmers Carry across the parking lot (right hand out, return with left hand)

Supersets: 3 sets 12 or AMRAP up to 12
– Goblet Squat, Good Morning
Snatch, Overhead Press (x5 each side) – (repeat 3 times)
– Chest press, Lawnmower (12 each side)
Snatch, Overhead Press (x5 each side) – (repeat 3 times)

Flutter kick w/bell press x20
Leuganis (bell behind head starting position) x10
Freddie Mercury (no bell) slow x20
American Hammer x15

Burnout Sets:
20 swings 5 curls, 15 swings 10 curls, 10 swings 15 curls, 5 swings 20 curls

20 goblets 5 tricep ext, 15 goblets 10 tricep ext, 10 goblets 15 tricep ext, 5 goblets 20 tricep ext

20 UR rows 5 GM, 15 UR rows 10 GM, 10 UR rows 15 GM, 5 UR rows 20 GM

Ye olde painful moleskin:

YHC (and a bunch of others) got an email on Cinco-de-drinko from Ribeye looking for a Q for Monday.  YHC already had plans to Q Skunkworks in Area 51 on Tuesday, so YHC thought “why not kill two Q’s with the same workout?” and “since YHC has been absent from Diamodhead for a while, YHC should let them know how much they were missed.  let’s turn up the intensity”.  Then it’s Monday morning, the pax all gathered and YHC laid down the disclaimer.  There was stunned silence as YHC basically apologized to the FNG for what was to come and looked at the rest of the group and said “you all know what you’re getting into”.  The mumblechatter that followed was equal parts of fear and regret for not fart-sacking it today.

The “warm-up” was their first clue.  If pax are drenched with sweat after the warm-up, they know they’re in for a treat.  Rev FLO-RIDA was our usual chatty Kathy and I think he was missing Nibbler.  Something about needing to see Nibbler humbled by a terrible workout.  Well, humbling it was.  YHC is pretty sure there are pax across the Metro region today cursing YHC’s good name everytime they stand up, sit down, move their arms, etc.

The music was a mix of heavy metal and hardcore punk or “something you listen to that makes you want to kill your own mother”.  YHC ditched the AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix for Tool, Clutch, and Sick of it All.

After the COT, YHC received the best compliment ever for a workout.  A one-finger salute from Ickey Shuffle, followed by a “Have a nice week.”

Did YHC mention he also rucked the workout?

Welcome to our FNG, Glow.  I’ll hand it to him, he stuck with the workout and afterwards commented that he wanted more workouts like that one.  Welcome to the fold Glow.  See you in the gloom.  Thanks to Tesla for taking us out.


The field at AG is being renovated, F3 gets heavy use out of that field for many workouts.  As a means of giving back to our community F3 should have heavy involvement in the building of a new field.  Volunteers for that effort can contact Sump for more details.

Revolution Saturdays – 7AM at Revolution Park.

Finally for your listening pleasure, today’s playlist:

Tool – Forty Six and Two
Alice in Chains – Them Bones
Sick of it All – Disco Sucks, F*** Everything
Bigwig – A War Inside
Clutch – Unto the Breach
Paint it Black – The Beekeeper
Deftones – Swerve City
Filter – Welcome to the Fold
Monster Magnet – Powertrip
Bad Religion – 21st Century Digital Boy
Paint it Black – Atheists in Foxholes
Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come


Hoover. A frequent flier at Area 51 and Metro. Site-Q for RockZero.

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