Whole Paycheck

A solid group of 18 studs were eager to get their Monday started this morning. Here’s what we did:

The Workout:

Out of the lot, right on South to the corner of E Stonewall and the Prius Hall of Fame. When I dip you dip we dip.

Down Stonewall past the new Bezos Foods (the chocolate covered pretzels count as samples right?) to the Mint Street Garage.

Run up the ramps, back peddle the straights. 10 merkins at the top of each ramp (Right here Stinger). Plank, RTs and Flutters.

Down the stairs and cross Mint. Find a bench.

4 X [10 derkins, 20 dips, up the stairs, 10 jump squats]

Plank it.

Burpee suicide the light posts. Planks. Merkins. RTs and Flutters. Down the stairs to the Panther stadium benches to give the construction worker a nice wake up call.

Derkins and dips.

Back to E. Morehead, stopping for, wait for it…. RTs and Flutters. And to really get the abs poppin, 2 LBCs. Back to the Dowd.


It’s been a minute since I Q’d PWW, so it felt good to get out there this morning to lead a tour of Uptown’s stadium district.

In attendance today was some % less than 100% of Team Rifty and the 4 Horsemen. Checkpoint, I assume, was still sleeping off Derby weekend. There is something about my Qs that brings out some good ol’ Rifty bat flippin’. Props to Dredd for not making any digs about you know who or his black turtleneck wearing chauffeur of a former assistant. He and Hillary did finish with a nice hillbilly gum chewin tag team before the takeout.

The beards were in attendance. Fish always ready to put his foot on the gas at a moments notice. Tormund gearing up for Season 8 of Thrones.

Rocky Top rolled in sporting his Tennessee orange. The Volunteers will be squaring off against my Mountaineers here in Charlotte in the first game of this upcoming football season. I smell a little wager. One that ends up with Rocky Top sporting the gold and blue and a Holgorsen visor.

Slaughter, none too happy with my LBC tease, hinted at some future punishment.

Thanks for the takeout Slice.

Thanks for the opportunity Gandalf.

Tune in to Ranger this week. Same Ranger-Time, Same Ranger-Channel.

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