Dover’s Q

The main event:

Mile(ish) around the park, stopping for Merkins (20), SSH (25), Squats (20), on over to the playground.

11’s, pullups at the playground, dips at the benches on the Hornets court #timekill

Mary while we wait (flutter, LBC (100), obliques)

Take it up to the concrete balls in front of the school, 11’s (dips and merkins)

Back down to the Hornets court, bear crawl across court and 10 burpees (X3)



I’m a nice guy. Probably too nice. I feel bad when I tell Slice his track workouts blow (kind of). I do too many other people’s jobs at work. I once told the guy who walks around with sticks at the Y that I’d find him someone to produce his stupid sticker that he wanted better quality, because I know folks. I’ll put up with stories about your favorite superhero. I’ll feign interest. When I invite folks out to workouts I want them to have a good time. I was excited when Pate told me I had the Q, and then nervous when I learned he also told Dover he had the Q, mostly because I had an FNG coming and wanted him to be able to keep up. If you’ve been to Phoenix the past 2 weeks, you can relate to this. 2 weeks ago, Non-backblasting Screech led a suicide death march around the wedge, where most of us went off course, Bermuda nearly died, Pony disappeared, and the count is still unknown as most folks left before the Pax arrived back home anywhere from 6:20-6:25. Last week Redd Foxx took us to the ‘Ship. Good Shit there, but I wouldn’t have come back if that was my first post.

So I walk up at 5:25, exchange awkward glances with Dover, and some eye batting and shape shifting, I end up with the Q (that’s how you out-nice someone, boys). Anyway, all anxiety was unfounded as most of the Pax stayed in a fairly tight group this am, and our FNG’s made it through. Let’s hope that after my sandbagged workout they don’t leave after workout #2.

Good to see Gentle Ben back out, mumble chattering at that. He was wearing a beeper, claims he’s on call. Says he’s a doctor but mostly does autopsies. On call Autopsy man? Steer clear of that guy.

Welcome FNG’s Schlitz (Sam, from Milwaukee) and Janglin’ (Brandon, from CLT- carried his keys the whole time)

OBT, thanks for the takeout.

a pleasure as always.


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