[I got nothing]

22 of my favorite people came out to BW this morning to see what was in store. Sprinting was in store, for sure. We didn’t do anything too exotic and visited familiar places. And no one had to carry anyone.


What we did:


I don’t think anyone did EC today. Not 100% sure, but close enough to make the call.


Run to the new pavement near the front of the church for COP

MC x 20, Squats x 20 in the round, LBC x 30, SSH x 20

Run around to Rutledge and look at two strange concrete cylinders mounted on iron stands. Decide we don’t know what they are and proceed to next topic.

Rutledge run, stopping at streetlight for diamonds x 10, next streetlight widearms x 10, next streetlight merkins x 10. Repeat that pattern until you get to Randolph.

Mosey across to the Providence Baptist fields and partner up.

P1 runs the cow path on the perimeter of the field. P2 does merkins x 15, squats x 20, flutters until P1 returns. Flapjack x 2 rounds

Next we did a whole lot of sprints. Sometimes to the end of the field, sometimes to the end of the second playing field, sometimes to the end of the first playing field. Always punctuated by some sort of mary, burpees, or merkins and frequently incorporating backward runs, carioca, and bearcrawling. I busted out the protractor today, too! The last time I did that, I apparently didn’t emphasize the long “O” sound and was accused of calling it the “pertractor.” Which I didn’t.

There was a lot of sucking winds during this phase of the workout. There were also a few pax showing off their smoke boots, Sloppy being one of them. Dude is fast.

Fire ants were a concern, particularly for Newport. If Madras were in the pax, he would have been concerned too, but he wasn’t. No reports of fire ants, though.

Run back toward the ProvPres home base, stopping at the intersection where we heard the owls mating a few years ago. Some mary while we wait for the sweepers. AYG backward run up the hill to the parking lot. Pitino sprinting past everyone until he gave out and started walking and was, in turn, passed by everyone. Mitochondrial meltdown for someone who has not ready Aesop’s Fables. Also, a car interrupted the final 20 yards. It was discussed…and confirmed…that the driver considered us idiots for the following reasons:

  1. Running up a hill
  2. Around a blind curve
  3. In the gray of the early morning
  4. Wearing mostly dark clothing
  5. Scattered over every inch of the pavement
  6. Backwards

We get it. We are self-aware.




  • Don’t tell Sump that I didn’t start COP with SSHs. That might be a violation. The pax seemed very impressed with my turning routine on the squats, though.
  • You want to know how to get back in shape after being out for a while? Run hard. It sucks that there isn’t a short cut, because running is the last thing you want to do but you have to do it. You can’t eat quinoa, down organic superfood smoothies, vape, or eat avocado toast to get back into shape. That’s why I ran a lot today even though I didn’t want to. Hope you had fun.
  • You want to know what will expose you if you don’t get back into shape? The BRR. The BRR don’t care. Also, going to the pool will expose you, but that is just cosmetic.
  • Film Fest may or may not have been shot in the nose recently.
  • Has anyone checked on Guy Huggins Dentist lately to make sure he is ok? There has been no movement – other than falling paint chips – over there in more than a year. That old Lexus (early 90’s vintage?) has literally not moved in at least a year. Maybe two.
  • On the way over to Rutledge, I heard some typical dad-talk like “I wasn’t expecting it to rain last night.” “Me either, but my yard needed it and it washed the pollen away, too.” And “That Phil Mickleson is a good golfer.” Then we started running and doing push-ups and that shit stopped.
  • Backup brought water and someone suggested that he wait until it is really hot before bringing water. So, we are putting conditions on the man who brings water for us out of the goodness of his heart? I am not saying who said this, but his name rhymes with Goba-Rett.
  • Great takeout by Sloppy. Every breath is a gift from God. Make sure you use that and the other gifts you receive to help others and be the best you can be.



  • Check out the F3 podcast series. Last one talked about hydration and need to take care of the pax to avoid any emergencies. This made Backup smile.
  • Shout out to Revolution on Saturdays at 7am

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