Copperhead Monday….Underestimation of Hempstead

A stogie led Q at Copperhead.  Thanks to Daisy for giving me the steering wheel for an AM.


The gig went like this:


  • Ran from the Mint Museum and up Hempstead, down Colville and to the Church at the corner of Colville and Randolph (Westminster Presbyterian Church).  Needless to say, the run up Hempstead had the Q huffing and puffing a bit…but I had Daisy to pace me.
  • At the Church parking lot, we did some warm ups (SSH, Merkins, Squats)
  • We went up Fenton Place three times…partner workout.  Handshake merkins at the top and squats at the bottom.
  • Back to the parking lot, the pax did some merkins and push presses…until exhaustion.
  • Back over to Fenton Place…up the hill two times…partner workout.  Leg tosses at the top.
  • Back to the Church Parking lot for some Mary.
  • Back to the Mint Museum for some workouts in the quad.   Dips on the benches, derkins on the benches, lunge walks, crab walks, and bear crawls.  Everyone was feeling it in the upper body by that point!
  • Locking out some core on elbows for 3 mins.
  • Wrap up


The Q really enjoys the 6:00 AM workout start!  Lots of great intel from Daisy on the upcoming primary election (during our run, of course).

Keep your thoughts with Whim….he is back in California spending some time with a family member who has health challenges.


Until next time, gents!



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