Meet the Flintstones

12 Pax showed up under normal transportation, and 4 showed up via Flintstone travel, for what would be another week, of the premier executive workout in the Metro, dare I say the world, dare I say the universe, also known as T-H-E Grandaddy of ’em All, your Gamucci, and the morning went something like this…

The Thang:

  • Take the long way to Rock’s Playground for COT
    • SSHx20
    • Merkinsx10
    • Mtn Climbersx20
    • LBCx20
    • Squatsx10
  • Double time to Myers Park back entrance hill for a little Jacob’s Ladder Traditoinal
    • How it was made
  • Mixed bag of ‘catch-your-breath’ and over to the wall for 11s dips and capital Derkins (1 time only please)
  • Grab a partner on the way to the steps for laps and called exercise – 5 mixed rounds
  • Easy back to Selwyn teacher entrance and mixed bag to top of Harper Valley for clock management COP until 1 min left
  • AYG back to COT

Naked Moleskin:

  • Been a while since I made it out to the Grandaddy, and it has certainly been in good hands for the recent past.  Special thanks for setting a ‘goal’ of 1.5 mi Tryon – goals are meant to be beat and we over doubled it this morning with a strong majority on the hills (crowd pleaser).  Extra credit to Cougar who got out front and Larry Birded the trip back to Harper Valley top of the hill, and A&H had his strong showing start to finish as always, setting the pace on Jacob’s Ladder and throughout.
  • A special shoutout to the best darn garbage-truck driver in the whole darn USofA for missing all of our cars – well done good sir
  • Always a pleasure to be out there with you guys, and as always, have a good week

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