S6: Mutha’s Day

Have you bought your underwhelming flowers and overpriced Hallmark card yet?  No?  Didn’t think so.  As such, thought it’d be a helpful reminder to go give our Utha Mutha a kiss this morning.  We all love her but she can be a bit cold blooded at times.  You make plans to see her, lay out your best clothes the night before, and its a bit of an effort to get there.  And when you finally show up, BAM.  She’s like a grizzled Italian grandma.  Doesn’t take any crap from anyone.  Yells at you the whole time and makes you uncomfortable.  But she also pushes you to be better.  And that’s why we love her.



Convergence on Memorial Day followed by the 5K with Speed for Need.  Don’t know specifics but there is not doubt in my mind Tolkien has Tweeted about it 30 times already.  Check his feed.

Jazzy Jeff has his VQ at Fortress tomorrow.  Come see him spin some sick beats


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