Spaghetti 6 Pre-Blast

Spaghetti 6 is like a Mob Front Operation. It is open when the Boss is in town and not being watched by the Authorities.

YHC is currently not under audit with Metro Leadership unless this post does not hit the site.  Tomorrow S6 is open for business.

Expectations: 2015 Fellowship Pace, 4 parking decks, 6ish miles, and completely random conversation.

In case you are wondering I am 100% on fire this week with random conversation. My writers are working overtime on material.

We will join Midwood 6 at the top of the Muthship and loop the spiral while we wait for the 6 (AKA YHC) to arrive.

I will follow it up with the Q at Cherokee where I have a special session in store.

Back in the day this was called the Dairy Queen (Double Q #getit). Tomorrow it might be called torture because YHC has eaten to much Dairy Queen.

Launches at 6am from the Mint. Cherokee at 7am

Pre-blast: B+


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