I finally didn’t screw up in front of Lee

YHC was tapped to Q Sparta just two days prior….and you know i love Qing…when the Sparta elders let me.   I’ve only Qed Sparta probably 2 or 3 times this year so far…far less than the monthly checkup I use to lay down.  When Doobie and Slice took this over the #1 priority was to get me out of the Q rotation for the greater good.  It’s working….25 studs showed up today.

5:29:30 and Lee rolls up in his black benz….YES.  Ever since Lee took over 1st F for Metro I’ve been unable to perform in front of him….major Q fails (timing, confusion, mayhem).   When he rolled up I knew it was redemption time!


Main Event:

Out of the lot and west on McDonald up to Lexington.  COP with SSH, Merkins, and LBC’s until the car needed to pass.

Start of 4 corners (Lexington to Worthington to Euclid to McDonald to Lexington) Backwards run up the hills (2 per lap).

1st Corner – 20 Jump Squats

2nd Corner – 25 merkins

3rd Corner – 30 LBC’s

4th Corner – 10 Burpees

We did 2 rounds of this with some Mary in between and after to collect the 6.

Run back down McDonald to the entrance of tramp stamp park and into the park to the playground.

11’s Burpees / Pull Ups (thank you sir may I have another)

Over to the tables for Dips and Derkins in Cadence.

Out of the park to the base of the school….10 more burpees and AYG to the school….The End.



I love the Sparta crew….great chatter and great competition….always pushing each others.

I finally survived a Q without a screw up in front of Lee.  Hopefully i’m out of the penalty box now.

Only reason i got the Q was in exchange for the promise of pulls ups…..Doobie and Slice never give anything away without strings attached.  It’s the New York in them.  and pulls up we did.  The Burpee/Pull Up Combo is BRUTAL…55 of each.   I can only remember doing this one other time and it was a Curly led workout and I nearly puked.   Looked like the crew all give it their best and performed both exercises to completion or physical failure…lots of hard work.

Good to see Daphne (a Slice headlock) back for more in his 2nd or 3rd week.   Site FNG Smithers ( former Raleigh pax member, now living in Charlotte…also a high school buddy of mine and now neighbor) made it out.  Schlitz ended his first week in F3 with a bang today.  Great to have all of you guys here.

The pax really spread out on the 4 corner work, not because we had a slow 6 but because Lee, Snots, and Nabisco could not be caught.   I saw them all stick thumb size pills up their poop shoot before the workout…must be horse PEDS.   Impressive performance.

85 total burpees today….quota met.

3.5 miles of running…quota met.

Full body beatdown….hope you boys enjoyed it.

Uncle Rico prayed us out…thank you sir!

Doobie / Slice – thanks for the opportunity to lead this group.   Love to start my Friday with that much energy!


-Redd Foxx

2 thoughts on “I finally didn’t screw up in front of Lee

  • May 11, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    Simple but effective beat down Foxx. I have only done the 11s with the Burpee/Pull Up combo one other time, which happened to be my Q that you referenced at He Hate Me (RIP). I had hoped I would never have to do it again. You called time before I got in my final 10 burpees, so Doobie and I had to tack those onto the end after COT. I think we even shamed Nabisco into doing his!

  • May 12, 2018 at 10:48 am

    Good job not screwing up, Red Foxx. That was a solid Q/beat down — and the 11s were godawful, which means that I will steal that from you and Curly. #suckitforward

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