Midwood and 6@6 PreBlast

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone has had a great week and is ready to board the Megabus and ride it right into the weekend.  That’s right….back by popular demand we’ve got Megabus, Esq on the Q tomorrow!

To clarify, that’s not Jerome Bettis after dropping his NFL training regimen and putting on a few lbs.  I’m taking about the real Bus….MEGAbus!

The Man recently passed the NC bar exam (already had that NY license, no big deal) and is now a practicing attorney here in Crown Town.  What better way to celebrate a new job than by putting the hurt on his friends and neighbors?

If you were at the last Megabus Q you know his style – efficient, organized, and effective.  Well executed from top to bottom – not sure how he is going to improve on the last routine, but I can’t wait to find out!  Also, he just got a fresh new haircut that looks remarkably aerodynamic – fashion and function, folks.

You know the details – we meet on Saturday morning at 7am in the parking lot of Midwood Park.  Workout will last from 7 to 7:45 and, if that’s not enough, come out at 6am for a 6 mile run with Mr. Bo leading the pack.  #funrun

You can do it!  See you tomorrow at 7 (or 6….come on, double down!).



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