The Go Giver Works And I Can Prove It

Proverbs 11:25 says:  A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.  I try to memorize Bible Verses, but I am not good at it.  I tend to memorize Springsteen lyrics instead.     Luckily, I have DoReMi in my life, who bought me a book called The Go Giver.  The premise of this book is basically the same proverb–  as you give, you will receive.  Not that it is a transaction, or that you will see a proportionate amount given to you as you give to others.  But the book makes the point that when you are actively giving, you change how you see the world, and you are able to receive because you’re heart and your head are in place where gratitude and giving are a part of what you do.

I make it a point to do an act of service in every week.  Usually this is MIP or Fortitude, but sometime sit is something else.  The point is that I do something where I give, without expecting anything in return. MIP is my favorite, maybe because it comes naturally– I love being with the men at Charlotte Rescue Mission.  We have fun, they need us, and it is not hard for me to be a part of.  My spirit is always there in a giving mode.

I go to give.

I found out  recently that I have been “given to” from MIP  in a manner I can only describe as exponential.   Some of you may know that I left for the Peru Mission Trip thinking that the attorneys from my old and new companies were ironing out the wrinkles in my non-compete. I returned to find out this had not happened. Instead of starting a new job on 2/5/18 , I had no job.  It’s a separate story, but I started an amazing new career  at Ingersoll Rand as a Sales Coach 3 weeks ago.

The point of this story is how I got my new position. I had a lot of folks trying to move my resume to the top of the pile so I could get an interview.  All F3 folks.  But until recently, I didn’t know who specifically had actually gotten me the interview.

It was Ed Price aka “Chicken Coop” who works at CRM and participates in our workouts when he can.  Ed got my resume in the hands of a senior executive he knew, who emailed me recently  congratulating me in my new position.  In her email, she says:

Although we’ve never met, when Ed reached out to me to ask for help connecting you at IR, I jumped in because anyone that Ed vouches for is good in my book

My new job is 100 x better than the job I was unable to take.   And I got the interview because someone I know only because I give,   gave back to me 100 x more than I had given.  Further, he “vouched” for me.   He didn’t just pass my resume along, he got me the interview.   He vouched for me.

I can’t tell you how much I love what I am doing now.  I could never have imagined having this position when I started my search just 3 months ago.  But here I am, receiving from the place where I go to give.

Join me at MIP . If not today, any Saturday at 9.  Come to give. Expect nothing in return.

Don’t be surprised if you receive 100 times more than you give.

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