Beat Down or Beaten Up?

Ten of F3’s finest met Saturday morning for the Core workout.  It was the hottest day of the year so far, but this hearty bunch was undaunted, eager to sweat-soak their shirts and hustle all around the Queens fields and campus.  Here’s what we did:

START–Stretches (Don’t push. Modify. FORM!)

Field–50 Shades of Merkin + 4 count diag LBCs + Rock Hoppers + Jump Squats + 15 Cross Fit Merkins

Deck/ Partner–Run to top of deck, then… Handslap Merkin + Plank Situps + Bropee + Partner Derkin + 3 Amigos

Field—KBs (2X) Goblet Squat, Tricep ext, Upright Rows, Greg Louganis, Lawn Mowers, Ball-chinian

Field– Bearway to Heaven (8 Burpees > Bear Crawls > Burpees)

Field–30 Shades of Merkin + Dollies + Plank hip slaps + Flutters + Russian Twist + Protractors + 8 Count Body Builders

END–All you got run up Wellesley to stop sign.  Plank it up. Group run home with songs

We groaned and grunted in the heat.  Rev may have cursed a little.  And we were a worn out bunch upon return.  Some called it a beat-down, while others said that YHC had beaten them up! Indeed, we were in such a depleted state that a burglar was seen hovering around our parked cars knowing that we coiuld do little to fend him off. But Skoal Bandit stepped forward to protect our vehicles and dissuade the vagrant while the rest of us enjoyed our last few minutes of pain.  Rev took us out in style.

It is always a big treat for me to Q this bunch, and always fun to be together.

Your Humble Correspondent,


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