Who’s Gonna Be The Six?

21 PAX emerged from the gloom for YHC’s VQ a year after my FNG #latebloomer. As we departed all 21 PAX had the same question in mind, if Jazzy Jeff has the Q, who’s gonna fill the void in the six? Only one pax brought it up though…talking to you Talk Box #thanksfornothin. Like handing the 16-year-old kid the keys to a Ferrarri just because he passed his DMV test, my VQ was going to be both dangerous and entertaining to watch. Not to mention we had no where to go but down after Snowden crushed his VQ just a few weeks ago…


The Thang:

Mosey into Cotswold to the lot behind Eddie’s.

COP w/ Imperial Walkers/STH/Copperhead Squats/Merkins/Peter Parker/LBC


Fortress has always been one the friendliest of the F3 CNC workouts #Cotswoldworkouts but the PAX made new highs (or lows) depending on how you look at it. With my VQ plan laid out only one thing could stop me, a botched cadence count. While I counted at warp speed and PAX confusion reached epic levels, mumblechatter stayed low. I’m not sure whether to be thankful or offended by the lack of heckling mumble chatter but either way we had fun.


Next we moseyed about 10 feet and partnered up.

Partner 1: Run the lap around Crosby/Westbury/Clover/Orient (Alternate with Partner 2, each does 3 rounds);

Partner 2: Squats round 1; Lunges round 2; Sumo jumps round 3


Gisselle and Belair partnered up and lapped the field as the rest of us dodged traffic.  I mean who calls a workout in the middle of a cut through intersection?  #VQ #Lookedgoodonpaper


Next we run back to the parking lot at Trinity stopping at the two intersections for 10X Hand Release Merkins.  Mosey down to the cul de sac on Robin for Mary: This is when things got even friendlier…almost uncomfortably so…talking to you GAAP and Backup.

Mary: LBC, Dolly, Rosalita, JLO


Slow mosey back to the intersection at Robin & Montclair. Called the Three headed monster with a merkin smokefest. Chawda was conspicuously absent but if he were in the PAX he would have pointed out the three-headed monster looked a lot like the three wise men from Super Bowl Friday. This time around, we showed no love to Belichick, Brady, or Kraft and rightfully so..sorry Chawda.

We ran each of the three legs with 5X Merkins at one end, 5X Wide Arm Merkins on the second, and 5X Burpees the third. In the middle 5X Hand Release Merkins each time you pass by.


2 full rounds around the three headed monster, a AYG back to the cul da sac and a mosey back to the intersection and it was time for the grand finale.

AYG Fortress Finish from Robin back to the lot.

So who was the six?  Boondoggle warned me he was going to take it for himself after a hilly smokefest the day before but truth be told, The Q was still in the six!


Announcements: Memorial Day Patriots 5K, Convergence before. Sponsored by Speed for Need

Welcome to new FNG Walker from Charlotte, named Willow (Will Smith’s daughter as the BelAir tree grows – Nice work Uncle Phil) and FNG Sean who we named Bubble (Real Estate guy who came to CNC in 07 – way to headlock KGB).

Thanks to the friendly PAX and thanks to Noonan and Backup for giving me the keys to the car! Big thanks to Belair and Sump for bringing out the PAX in droves for YHC’s VQ. It won’t be another year til the next one!   Good to see KGB and Snowden have started driving separate cars to Fortress, with all the car pooling there was a lot of mumble chatter that Mueller might be closing in on Russian meddling allegations.


DJ Jazzy Jeff Dropping the Mic

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