3K Bootcamp

You may already know this but I don’t enjoy running. Today, the 3k (2 mile -wam up/cool down included) brought 22 of the most able body men in Metro together. Notably was a curb-side drop off from a golf cart! #SaintPaul & #Minneapolis

BHM never looked stronger with perfect form under distinguished leadership. Arm circles, imperial walkers, and the like were on display. A stone’s through away, we took to the Dilworth Shopping lot only to find the fia crew 15 minutes ahead of us.

To show our dominance, we went from shop to shop with 10 counts of random workouts. It wasn’t until the fia girls were running circles around us (literally) that we brought strutted our stuff -Monkey Humpers. Several lunges, squats, and a whole lot of Mary later, we sprinted past them and headed down hill to find water -yes, by the tennis courts.

Ending the session with suicides seemed like a good idea until the first one. Not to overdue it, we split into two groups for a rest of Merkins.

It was a good morning with a great crew. Thanks for the support and continued fellowship.

If you’re looking for other non-running workouts, I recommend the ruck workout which is a WALK for 4 miles starting at 0515 on Friday’s at the Christ Church off Providence.



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