Happy Mutha’s Day

In a reversal of fortunes from the weekend, 12 got gifts from Mutha today

No time for head fakes, straight shot to the Ship at a determined pace. Made 1 merkin stop.

Partner up:

  • Partner 1 up the spiral, partner 2 up the stairs, meet at the top for 10 partner derkins each and back at the bottom for 10 hand slaps.
  • Flap jack.
  • Quick set of flutters.

Over to the ramps:

  • Up to level 6 – partner carry the ramps, 10 sumo squat jumps each at the top.
  • Next 3 levels – same thing but wheelbarrow the ramps.
  • Level 10 – bear crawl
  • Level 11 – burpee broad jump
  • Level 12 – belly sprint.

Down the spiral. Up the spiral. Down the spiral.

Jail break back for COT.


A bit of excitement on the run over. Crossing one intersection near the Ship, Ice stared down a city bus who completely had the green light, freezing the bus into submission as only Ice could do. Uncharacteristically, Dredd was actually going to pause to let the large bus pass, but continued to follow Ginger King without looking down. The next step was on the railroad track and down went Dredd. Of course his patented tuck-and-roll technique allowed him to escape unharmed, but my guess is there was a smug smile of satisfaction on the face of the bus driver. I don’t have to guess about the smile of satisfaction on the face of Cindy, but I will say he restrained himself well from outright laughter.

Mutha was unforgiving as always. Unpleasant no matter how you choose to get to the top. Ice and Sting are tough to beat on the carries. Even with the lean version of Dredd (32.9 #FUPA / 173.4 #LBZ), we couldn’t reel them in. We might have gotten them on the wheelbarrows. Black Bear would make Cougar proud with his focus on form on the broad jumps. He’ll soon learn that the single-leg jump step is perfectly legal in the Metro league. Cindy won the race home but I believe was a refusenik on the carries as Swamp wasn’t there. Wait – I just realized Hillary was shirtless. That’s a partner carry faux pas in my book.

Mind your twitter feed this Saturday as Team Rifty (aka Swifty by the #flipperz) takes on the F3 world at the site of what was once the F3 Superbowl. Smack talk from the other regions has been non-existent. Not sure if that’s good or bad for Rifty. Just know that they run for the people – the geriatric people, and they demand your respect!

Good luck men!



One thought on “Happy Mutha’s Day

  • May 14, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    Frodo was there. And then he wasn’t. In accordance with Metro rules, he will get no mention. It is as if he doesn’t exist.

    But seriously, hopefully that wasn’t a major injury, brother.

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