Mental wounds still screaming

14 at Phoenix…

Head east on Park, stopping shortly thereafter for 5 burpees and 10 squats so CT could join us (though based on his attempt to catch up YHC isn’t so sure he really wanted to).  Continue down Park to DRW with two more stops for 5 burpees OYO.  To the yellow sculpture at the intersection of DRW and DRE. Run the DR wedge: up DRW to East BLVD, left on East then left on DRE and back down to the bottom of the wedge, stopping at each corner or cross street for 10 diamond merkins (7 stops).

Mary in the lot across the street to wait on the six – RT’s/ Freddy Mercuries IC.

Mosey through the park to the St. Pat’s playground – 10 pullups/20 dips X 3 rounds.

Mosey to the bottom of Waverly for a Century Club circuit – AYG to the top of Waverly then 25 each of merkins/mountain climbers/squats/lbcs.  Down to the bottom of Waverly & repeat 25 reps of each exercise.  Straight to the top of the hill again for 25 more reps of each exercise then down to the bottom for one last round of 25 each.

Mosey to the lot at the bottom of the Kenilworth/Scott wedge – Mary to wait on the six, Boone LBCs IC.

AYG up Kenilworth to East BLVD.  Mary in the parking lot to wait on the six.  Heels to heaven IC.

Head west on East BLVD stopping at the the wall in front of Harris Teeter for 20 dips/20 derkins, the Greek Church for 20 dips/20 derkins then AYG back to the bball court at Latta for 20 more dips/derkins.  Up the stairs to the pavillion for COT.


Not surprisingly, Paula set the pace all morning.  YHC tried to keep him honest but given he was whistling during the AYG back to Latta it’s possible he wasn’t as smoked as I was #younger/faster/stronger.  Mariah was pushing hard on the Waverly circuit and Screech crushed the AYG up Kenilworth.  Barney back after a week of unexcused absences.  Pate showed up wearing a pair of shorts that were right out of the Hooter’s catalog.  Somehow this was official F3 gear, though there was barely enough fabric to fit the F3 logo.  The only possible justification for selling such a monstrosity is that the 1.5″ inseam allows them to be packed in your Honor Box for safe keeping.  That or they’re actually designed to be worn by children.  Let us never speak of this again.

Thanks to Taf for the takeout and Pate for the chance to lead this group.

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