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For those of you who have been paying attention to YHC this year, you know I have this Sump Family Birthday Q tour going on.  This time it was my 2.1 Colonel Murphy’s (aka Murphy) 12th birthday on Sunday, May 13th.  Since the only Sunday boot camp Man Cave meets in the afternoon which is not the ideal time on Mother’s Day, YHC opted to Q on Saturday and Indy was the “lucky” recipient.

The Thang

Head down to the ETES soccer field (other side of the baseball field)

Didn’t want to go too far at the start knowing stragglers were likely. First, HE came in hot.  Instead of taking the obvious path outside of the baseball field, he ran across the outfield.  We all watched in anticipation of HE jumping, maybe even hurdling, the outfield fence but instead he wisely ran through an opening in the fence to join us.  Oh yeah, El Cardinále showed up during the SSH’s.

COP: SSH (extended)/ Peter Parkers/ Copperhead Squats/ Parker Peters/ Flutters

Next stop Lizzie Lurker
Ladder: 10 Merkins at top/ 10 Knee-ups at 1st crosswalk
Rinse and repeat 5 times, dropping 2 reps each time

On to the Main Event

Target Parking Deck
Backwards run up the ramp from ground level to 3rd lvl
Stop for Burpees at both 2nd and 3rd lvls
Run perimeter of 3rd level to the other side, down steps to 1st lvl

Fast mosey up ramp back to 3rd lvl, run perimeter again to steps but continue to top level

4 Corners
3 rounds – each one different format

Rd 1: Pyramid – add new exercise each corner + repeat exercises from previous corners
C1: Hand Release Merkins x 5/ C2: 2-ct Mountain Climbers x 10/ C3: Squats x 15/ C4: LBC’s x 20

Rd 2: Double Reps – same exercises in order but only one per corner w/ double the reps

Rd 3: Henry Clay – compromise: same exercises in order, one per corner/ 10 reps each

Larry Birds lead plank-a-rama or Mary after the first 2 round
People Chairs after the 3rd round

Line up on wall perpendicular to parking space rows
Run to each row and back plus the wall on opposite side

Down steps to the front of Target

Grab spot on the walk way rails
2 rounds of Dips & Derkins

Back to base of Lizzie at Kings Drive

Run up Lizzie to traffic light at top
Stop at each crosswalk for HR Merkins x 10

Mosey back to ETES upper parking lot behind school

Mary: Dolly & Rosalita


Memorial Day Convergence – details here: http://f3metro.com/2018/04/29/memorial-day-convergence-and-patriots-day-5k-w-speed-for-need/

Fundraiser for AGMS Track and Field renovation

Never too early to start planning for F3 Ski:  first weekend in February 2019

Don’t miss Indy next week for what is likely Metro’s Big Top Attraction of the Week:  Tackleberry’s VQ!  It’s been years in the making – can only imagine the pain that is forthcoming.

While not an Indy regular, YHC always enjoys posting here.  Had heard there were Q openings so looked at the schedule and saw May 12th was available.  Before claiming the spot, YHC decided to check with Indy management first.  Fortunately, I ran into Oswald at Chipotle while he was having dinner with his family.  YHC manipulated the situation to my advantage and asked if I could Q on the 12th.  Oswald had no choice but to say yes since his M and three 2.0’s were looking at him to do the noble thing.

Learned a lot of interesting things about the Indy Pax as well as the AO during my Q.

  • Today doesn’t like to work out on grass
  • Cooler commented that YHC was a good citizen because we waited for the six before crossing the street when we had the right-away
  • On the other hand Double Eagle let me know it was ok to drop the six and asked Pitino to confirm (he didn’t)
  • Snots is a beast with no obvious kryptonite
  • HE showed up late because he woke up at 5AM to watch Bad Moms
  • During name-a-rama, El Cardinále performed several disco moves before stating his 411
  • The walk-way rails in front of Target are taller than they look
  • Lizzie Lurker has a faded crosswalk that sneaks up on you (bonus 10 HR Merkins at no extra charge)
  • Overall Pax seemed to have a hard time with instructions. My C-Rock homie Pitino verified this is normal for Indy
  • Lastly, the ETES upper parking lot is not the preferred place for COT

Great job today by everyone.  We covered almost 3.7 miles & a lot of Merkins on probably the hottest morning so far this year.  Appreciate everyone’s support despite the high maintenance requests and mumble chatter.  Thanks Oswald, Cooler and Drone for allowing me to lead the men of Indy!

Full Monty Sidebar
As mentioned earlier, this Q was for my middle child (eldest son) Murphy.  Half Pipe named him “Colonel Murphy” a couple of summers ago during a Saturday F3 Dads in Freedom Park.  Of my three children, Col Murphy is the most laid back.  He is a natural athlete but it’s not his endgame.  Col Murphy’s greatest strengths are his generosity and empathy for others.

Last month, I had an unplanned awesome bonding experience with Col. Murphy.  I was taking a few days off from work to clean out the garage (long overdue!). As it turned out, Murphy was sick and stayed home with me the first few days.  When I made the rounds dropping off items we no longer needed at places that could use them, Murphy came with me.

We went to a couple of different places together but the highlight was taking about 100 of the kids’ books which they had outgrown to Billingsville Elem.  As we were unloading the boxes from my car in the school parking lot, a teacher stopped to offer her help.  When she realized what we had to donate, she got very excited and let us know how much the books would mean to Billingsville.  She even said it was like Christmas for them.

Here’s the twist:  the boxes of books were ready to be delivered almost a year ago.  While it would have been nice to drop off the books then, I truly believe this was the right time to deliver them because Murphy was with me.  He witnessed firsthand the positive impact our simple act had on others.  This teacher’s genuine excitement carried more weight than anything I could tell him.  Plus, Colonel Murphy discovered the true value of these ‘little kid’ books which he had come to view as worthless.

I think each of my children would have been impacted by this experience but Murphy is the one who will benefit most from it.  He often amazes me with his random act of kindness to others.  Murphy naturally practices the act of “I am Third” without me having to say anything.  I couldn’t be more proud of him!

Bonus Track
I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that May 13th is also my wedding anniversary.  So yeah, on our sixth anniversary, my wife Beth gave me a son and all I got her was a card and flowers…

Beth and I agreed Murphy’s birthday would always be the focus on May 13th which is why Sunday night we ate our wedding anniversary dinner at IHOP.

Since the spotlight doesn’t shine on our anniversary like it should, I wanted to this opportunity to proclaim how lucky I am to be married to Beth for the past 18 years!  The life that I live today far exceeds anything I ever imagined and it is all because of her.  For the record, Beth was the one who pushed me to F3.

FYI – my 2.0 has her birthday next Monday and I am Qing Copperhead in her honor.  Be sure to check out the BB as it will be the final installment of my celebration of my three kids. Hoping this three-BB series will win me a Pulitzer.


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  • May 15, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    Looking forward to an excellent beatdown followed by an EPIC backblast. Look for an orange gatorade cooler of ice water for afterwards.

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