SIB: House of Style

22 at SIB. Timed intervals week.

Warm Up. 2-1-30 repeated 8x, then one extra 2 min. Cool Down. 7.8 miles (Ballz might have hit 8). Unsure what 2-1-30 is? Summary below:

2 min hard (1 min recovery). 1 min hard (30 sec recovery). 30 sec hard (30 sec recovery). Roll into 2 min again after 30 recovery…

We’ve got so much love at SIB it’s like a very special episode of Blossom every week. Sometimes, however, the workout bends in another direction. Maybe an episode of The Amazing Race where no one is sure where we are going next (even the Q is uncertain which way the next interval heads – or did you think it was just excellent planning that got us back to AG at 0612). Several pax want to the Q to ask the audience what to do – no shortage of advice or commentary there. Cindy even suggested that we vote people off the island – careful what you wish for. Just when you think you know what is going to happen the old men (don’t call them ‘respects’ they get none of it with this crowd) might band together with the millennial crew and blindside you with the next vote. After that you are scrambling to join any 2nd rate workout/show where your “celebrity” status from SIB can be leveraged. Of course since we have our own supermodel we should probably shift our focus to fashion trends. This time of year the big question is shirts or skins? But there are others:

Is Lululemon for Men an actual thing?

What is the best shoe to complement a man bun?

What color Grecian formula works best on chest hair?

How many more weeks without a haircut until one looks like Caitlin/Bruce Jenner circa 1976?

Where does facial hair cross the line from #millennialbeard to Cast Away?


Next week we do AYG sprints. Questions?

I think you hear me talking and I think I’m coming in and I got a box full of eskimo pies…


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