Tour De Dilworth

8.5 showed up for Combine – here is what we did.

Main Event:

  • Burpees OYO
  • Partner up (Based on Speed and Size of KB)
  • Partner A: Farmer Carry Mile from Home-base to Romany to the CHS Steep Parking Deck (Roughly a mile)
  • Partner B: Complete 10 HR Merkins then switch once catching Partner A
  • Swing for the Six

Burpee/Swing Ladder – CHS Parking Deck

  • 10 Swings @ Bottom, 1 Burpee @ Top –AYG Uphill, AYG downhill once complete each set (Burpee ladder increasing by 1 to 10. Swing ladder decreasing by 1 each time – 10 to 1.)
  • Swing for the 6
  • 30 Goblet Squats
  • 30 Swings
  • 30 High Pulls

Partner A Farmer Carry Back to home base, Partner B 10 HR Merkins.

  • Stopped halfway for medley of KB exercises and Burpees




  • Another beautiful Friday morning for KBs and AYGs. I don’ think anyone could feel their forearms after this one.
  • Fishwrap was out in front all AM long. His sidekick Sir Topham crushed it as well.
  • I was incredibly fortunate to match with Voorhees and his 45lb bell. Let me tell you – this guy is strong brother. 90lb of dead weight is no joke.
  • Logged roughly 2 miles of Farmer Carry’s in total. Thought it would be good to work on our Traps/Forearm Game with Swimsuit season around the corner. #ForTheGirls #WhyNot #TTP
  • Boba Fett said he personally witnessed FOTL hand his KB on the way back to his partner in crime Alibi and proceeded to walk by next to him cheering him on to the finish line. #CombineLove got the best of him.
  • Additionally, the Foreclosure and Boba Fett Duo were in full force. Never a dull moment when posting with these two. #Respect
  • Hillary showed up, but then disappeared. #Rifty #CmonMan (Gruden Voice)
  • Big S/O to Fishwrap for being a phenomenal Nantan and for all that you do for the F3 Community.
  • Thank you FOTL for the strong takeout.
  • See you Friday for the next edition of Combine. It’s a tradition like no other. Come out and get some – don’t be shy.

Best Regards,





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