It Can’t Be Unseen

8 shirts and 1 skin braved 100% humidity on a misty May morning at The Charge, the best kept secret in the Metro – as further evidenced by the tiniest font in the Backblast tag section.

The Thang:

Mosey to the track for a warm-up lap before COP (IC):  SSHs x20, IWs x20, “THanks for joining us Raider”, Hand-release Merkins x20, Copperhead Squats x20, Dollies x20

Mosey to the benches at the 50 yard line of the lush PDS turf field.  Demo the “GAAP-up”, where one foot stays on bench throughout the entire set…time under tension…trust me, it’s harder.  We did 10 per leg (IC) before a set of 11’s consisting of GAAP ups (per leg) on the benches, run width of field and do hand-release merkins on the far side.  Rinse and repeat for the full set of 11’s with some LBC’s while waiting for the Six.

Lungewalk from the 20-yard line to the goal line and then mosey up the stairs and around to the main grandstand for another set of 11’s: Bulgarian split squats (per leg) at the bottom, run up the stairs and do WWII sit ups.  Plank for the Six and then a little bit of Mary: Heels to Heaven x20, Oblique Crunch x20 right, then x20 left before we recovered.

Mosey out of the far end of the grandstand to the end of the road at the gate to Robinson Woods then 10 jump squats IC.  Mosey a 150 yards or so and do 10 jump squats OYO.  Mosey another 100 yards, do 10 more jump squats and then AYG back to the parking lot for COT.


  • I accidentally ended up at The Charge a week ago after running too far behind schedule to make it to Splinter Group, and am I glad I did – I forgot what a great AO they have here!  John Deere asked me to Q this week and I jumped at the chance.  When I saw the weather report calling for 75% chance of rain, I had a great plan to hit the new parking deck and stay dry the whole time.  Since the rain held off, it was off to the field and stands for a couple lengthy sets of 11’s – great work by all this morning.
  • My apologies to the Pax today, but I was starting to overheat during the second set of 11’s and had to take off my shirt, only the second time I recall having to do that at an F3 workout.  I think I heard Carrier say, “It can’t be unseen” – ok, I admit it might be time for a bit of GAAPscaping!
  • Welcome to Vic-Card (aka Bob Carl) who posted for the second time after being headlocked by Backup and Raider at the Cotswold Harris Teeter Wine Bar.  Despite living in Charlotte his whole life, Vic-Card had never heard of F3 – remember, we need to keep headlocking!
  • The Charge is looking for Qs – Reach out to Twitterless John Deere (via telegram or Pony Express) or Boerewors who should be on Twitter.


  • Memorial Day Convergence and Patriot’s Day 5k with Speed for Need – 6:30am at Sympony Park (Southpark) followed by 7:30am 5k.
  • Revolution Workout – Saturday 7am at Revolution Park (meets in lot next to football field) – we’re looking to build some bridges in the Westside Community so let me, Pipeline, Lynchpin, Curly or Rope-A-Dope know if you have any connections.  We also need support from the Pax to keep this workout growing.

An honor to lead the fine men of The Charge!

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