Post Up

The pax raised rocks to the rain gods, who sent only mist.  We celebrated with Post Malone and a preview of the happenings in jolly ole England.

The Thang:

Proper disclaimer, SSH x15, IW x10, birdfeeders x10 each side.  Split up in 3 groups.  Group 1 grab a lifting rock for shoulder press and curls at the now-permanent rock pile.  Group 2 find a worthy pull-up bar in the playground.  Group 3 runner between the two.  3 repeats as pull-ups segued into dips – rock work became DIY.

Everybody grab a rock, mosey to church lot for Choose Your Own Rock Adventure.  Everything from shoulders to pet rock burpees to chest press.  11 ways to play.

Split into 3 groups again for Rock Paper Scissors.  Group 1 rock work.  Group 2 other end of church lot, kinda, for Mary (scissors aka flutter.  and DIY).  Group 3 runner.  2 repeats.

The mist was building.  The seas were angry that day.  Drop rocks and mosey to cover in the church breezeway for Kuechly’s.  45 second intervals (8 intervals total).  Quarter 1: Group 1 jump lunges, group 2 people’s chair.  flip flop.  Quarter 2: Group 1 skaters, group 2 people’s chair.  flip flop.  Quarter 3: repeat Q1.  Q4: repeat Q2.

Mosey to rock drop.  Shoulder press to exhaustion or boredom.  Mosey rocks back to their permanent home.  AYG across the parking lot.  Fin.

Naked Moleskiner:

Rain.  Pffft, c’mon.  Anytime Monk appears, it’s a good sign for all aspects of the workout.  There was enough precipitation to water his y-guides tree …but not too much to stop YHC’s iphone2 from providing the pax with an education of Post Malone (if you were within 7 feet of the speaker).  Big show tonight for that fine musical act and all of our 2.0’s.  Good luck with the rain, fellas… special thx to FilmFest for the entertainment.  The regular stand-up act was accompanied by a full rundown of the schedule for Saturday (royal wedding plus FA cup final) and a strong impersonation of an old British lady… Doh felt the impact of my poor (big) rock decision.  After the jumble, he grabbed that rock and got stronger… 1st F work on the forgotten football field will have to wait for drier times- first chance is DMZ on June 4th.  Put it on ur calendar… Good group of dudes, let’s do it again sometime…  1.4 miles on the strava and bulging soccer arms… Thx to GasX for the great takeout- always surgical… and finally to Aquafresh for a fine AO and his fire for F3.


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