Ranger BB: Doodoo pants mcfartface

Hey guys, Foul Ball here.  Bllz to most.  Chicken Nutz to one.

It was a hot and humid blah blah blah.  Men of purpose gave it their all blah blah blah.  We all got better blah blah blah.

Remember when we used to document every move, how many of each exercise we did, the order, etc?  Maybe it’s still done that way?  You were there and you know it or you weren’t and you don’t.  Because you weren’t there.  Or maybe you weren’t there but a friend told you.  If that’s what you and friends talk about.  I like to talk to my friends about Shawn Kemp and the Supersonics.

I need to clear the air on my boy Swamp, I heard some grumblings about him not doing any of the called exercises.  The thing is, Tepper paged him last night and his having him work on the new Panthers stadium so he was keeping those money makers out of trouble so he could get his CAD on today.  Tahoes aren’t free boys.  Not unless you’re Hillary.  Did you see he just added a 4th, 5th & 6th garage?  On the 2nd level.  Just above garages 1 – 3.  It’s pretty sweet.  He has a lift on the back side and he just pulls up and it either slides him into level one or if it’s full, it takes him top shelf.

Good luck to Team Swifty Saturday.  They’re meeting at the Esso station where they’ll grab a bacon sausage ham steak biscuit, tar coffee and Lucky Strikes.  They’ll consult their paper maps for the best route and be on their way at 0400 to leave plenty of time to loosen up.

Thanks for playing along.


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