Rarer than a Trump Apology: #Pick6 PreBlast

You know, that run that happens sporadically throughout the year right on the literal DMZ of Metro and A-51? The thing that you run in the summer mornings and then double-down at night with the #CudaRun, where you can watch Today wring out the sweat from his shirt in front of a family of 4 who were formerly enjoying ice cream on the non-shaded patio of Ben & Jerry’s (and why isn’t it Ben’s and Jerry’s)? The thing that Mr. Drummond Q’d last week, then missed the first turn, then missed the second, and had to run extra just to get up to 6 miles? The place that Ewok used to come and demand to run in the road, with traffic wearing all black, just to prove that he’s invincible? The place that Gangsta Mouse brings his Gangsta Kitty, which is actually a dog named Daisy? And where Tantrum brings his doggie, whose name I forget, which probably says something about my psychologic makeup? The place where William Turner, who is named Orlando, which has something to do with a movie about pirates, comes to run instead of biking but talk about biking instead of running? The place where Blackjack sometimes shows up, always in 3 layers of clothing, even when it’s 82 degrees and 400% humidity, and still drops sub-7:30s? The place that Ribeye and Aquafresh might sneak in a few minutes early to get a jump start on your ass, then you wonder where the heck they are for the next 45 minutes, only to find out they took a secret turn at mile 2.5 and have been watching you from a distance the entire time? The place that sort of spawned off of the #SweetSix, but has this really unique feature of running a different route every week, and being much closer to your house, and starting 15 minutes later, and sometimes has tomatoes in the parking lot too, which is a win, win, win, win situation? The place where F3 Royalty himself, Sump, the Metro Nantan, has already claimed a Q on 6/7 and will probably get 48 pax there, even without promising free coffee at Caribou afterwards (though it wouldn’t hurt)?

Yeah, that place. I have the Q tomorrow. Here are your routes:

The Barclay (spelled as in “…Downs Road,” not “Marathons,” as previously attempted here by YHC, but you tore up all my books):


The Barclay short stack:


I’ll have your turn-by-turn directions for you, and they’ll be 500% more accurate than Mr. D’s were last week. SYITG (you too, Gangsta Kitty)


One thought on “Rarer than a Trump Apology: #Pick6 PreBlast

  • May 16, 2018 at 10:33 am

    Did you mention Cuda Run? Can’t wait – best workout in all of F3 (beer after the run).

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