What Happened to Mosey Sunday Runs?

11 (pretty sure about that number) faithful Pax (including one FNG) posted at Brixx Pizza on East Blvd. for the weekly dose of Confession.  A route was chosen that allowed for a few strategic pauses along the way….sort of our way of putting a governor on Rocketman, Peppers and Big Worm.  Those guys keep getting faster!  Even if they hadn’t been so far ahead of the rest of the Pax, stops were necessary to get a break from the hills and the humidity.  Pretty simple route.  Leave Brixx and head down Scott Avenue to Loop Road beside the hospital (bet you didn’t know that road existed).  Follow Loop Rd. to the Greenway and then Greenway back to Freedom Park.  Exit the park on East, left on Lombardy, back in the park at the tennis courts, through the ball fields and exit park at Cumberland.  Right on Cumberland, left on Clayton, right on Lilac, then left on some street (names escapes YHC) to cross over Scott and Kenilworth.  Left on Charlotte, right on Dilworth Rd. West, right on East Blvd, then take it back home to Brixx.  3.25 miles.  Perfect for Confession!

NMM:  Good group today.  Kept a decent pace and stayed together for the most part.  T Claps to Wahoo for headlocking FNG Joe Parish, now known as ELP for Emerson Lake and Palmer (“oooh what a lucky man…..”).  That guy’s done some running in his life.  Next time he needs to bring his ID.  We just aren’t buying the double respect, 62 years old stuff!

Great Mother’s Day take out by DRM!

Thanks for allowing me to choose the course and watch from behind!


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