Help Buy a Facelift for the Mothership!

Help Buy a Facelift for the Mothership!

I did a little back-of-the-envelope calculating and came up with these estimates:

Since 1/1/11, 2,288 F3 workouts have been held on campus of A.G. Middle School. If you estimate average attendance at 18 pax per workout, that means F3 men have posted 41,184 times on the AG campus. That doesn’t count the 80 odd pax who posted at our second custom GORUCK Tough event in the snow. That does not count the 350 men who posted for the Five Year Anniversary Convergence on the field. That does not count all the times F3 men have used the track and field to teach their kids to ride a bike or kick a soccer ball.

What is amazing it shows no sign of slacking off. This past Saturday, 35 men posted at AG and 24 at Mustang.

Whether it is just a warm-up mosey around the track, Ring of Fire at the far end or Blackbird’s Ten Minutes of Hell, that field is important to F3 Metro. That’s why we call it the Mothership.

CMS officials at Selywn Elemntary, AG and Myers Park High School have been nothing but supportive of F3 ever since our movement was born on their property in the winter of 2011.

Now, it’s time to give back.

The A.G. Middle School Booster Club is raising $25,000 for an initial round of field renovations at the facility. The track will be renovated in Phase 2 and that is being paid for by CMS. So far, over $16,000 has been raised.

We want to make a significant gift to this campaign in the name of F3.

Many pax already have made generous donations, and the F3 Foundation has stepped up and offered to match the next $2,500 that we raise.

We’re going to run a quick campaign on this, to try to help the leaders wrap it up and get the grass growing over the summer.

The campaign will run from this Friday, May 18th, and will end on Friday, May 25th. We ask you to not make your donation through the AG site, as the service they are using takes a cut of each donation. We want to donate a $5,000 check of which 100% will go to the project.

You can donate a couple of different ways.

1) Thru Paypal using this link

2) Bring a check made out to the F3 Foundation to any F3 Metro workout for the next week and give to the Q.

3) Call, email or DM me or one of the other campaign leaders listed below and someone else will swing by your house and pick up a donation.

Also you can find me at Brueggers this Saturday after the Mothership workout from 8:15-9:15 am.

Thank you for your consideration!!! Happy to answer any questions you may have!


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