Ladies Day Was a Hit

The thunder and lightning skipped the Meltdown AO and 14 braved the weather for this thing we do on Thursday.

Circle up for a little COP: SSH, Merkins, IW, Plank and Stretch.

Head over to the walk down toward the lake. Partner up with equal size bells.

Partner 1 advances 30 steps and does SSH, jog in place, mountain climbers, high knees (cardio) until partner 2 arrives.

Partner 2 does 10 reps of double KB exercise and then advances to partner 1.

Stop at 5 sets each.

Round 1 – KB squat

Round 2 – Alternating push press

Round 3 – Renegade row each side

Round 4 – Alternating Power to the People

Round 5 – Double KB swing

COP and nice takeout by El Diablo Blanco


This morning was different and according to Little W, on more than one occasion he announced, it sucked.

A new take on the old Catch Me If You Can. The goal was to always be either swinging/lifting/heaving two kettlebells or doing some cardio without running.

Worked for the most part although it took a bit for the pax to “get it”. YHC always assumes that his explanations are clear and specific. Based on the first effort today, that is not always the case.

EDB and Sharona have started a “thing” spending early morning walks together. Sure they would like some company. Come join them. Grapevine says that My Sharona is lit up like a Christmas tree and you do not have to worry about cars or carolers.

Hollywood is posting daily and getting it done. Triple respect has a new legend to join Money and Horse. YHC’s heroes.

Couple of kinda new guys out with us this am. Big Worm, the new co-site Q at Diamondhead and El Guqpo  (know that can’t be spelled right). Welcome and come back next week.

All girls playlist this am and for the most part the comments were kinda positive. YHC thought it would cause a stir. Such a tolerant group at Meltdown. GV was so proud to guess Shania Twain and LW loved the Pat Benatar and Heart finish. Even ask early in the workout if they were on the program. DRM does not disappoint.

Rope A Dope has kinda become the clockwatcher of Core. Not a bad thing, keeping us on time and on task. Just did not see that one coming.


Big ask coming for the field at AG. F3 is going to make a donation to the AG boosters to help renovate the fields  at the school. Dig deep gentlemen. This is sacred ground.

Patriot 5K and convergence on Memorial Day at Symphony Park. Motley on the Q for Core.


Always a privilege, thanks.

See you real soon, Why, because we loves you!



All I Wanna Do   Sheryl Crow

Believe   Cher

Bad Girls   Donna Summer

Man, I Feel Like a Woman    Shania Twain

We Are Family   Sister Sledge

Hand in My Pocket     Alanis Morissette

Girls Just Want to Have Fun   Cyndi Lauper

The Sweet Escape    Gwen Stefani

Call Me   Blondie

Hit Me with Your Best Shot    Pat Benatar

Barracuda   Heart

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