Tie a yellow ribbon ‘round the Willow Oak tree

The rain held off and the boots stayed dry – nothing to keep the Splinter pax from achieving top speed.

Little extra warm-up (waiting on Kiefer).  SSH, MC, IW and plank stretch.  Kief nowhere in sight so we fire the gun and launch into sprint.

Down to Wellesley, left to Selwyn, right down to Westridge, stop at Queens to gather all.  Brief Mary then continue across Queens down Westridge to Hillside.  Right on Hillside up to Willow Oak.  Brief Mary then head back up Willow Oak to Princeton.  More Mary then Princeton to Sterling.  Brief stop then AYG one block to Maryland.  Then AYG to Queens.  Brief Mary then head back home via Queens to Wellesley.  About 3.3 in the books.


Wanted to run the route today down to Willow Oak just because I had Tony Orlando and Dawn on my mind.  Ever have one of those songs you just can’t get out of your head?!

Memorial Day convergence at SouthPark, then 5k Run celebrating our vets (they, of course, deserve a celebration EVERY DAY).  As always, Speed For Need will be leading the charge.

Fundraiser underway to refurbish the AG football field.  See DRM’s email today (5/17) for why it is so important for F3 to jump into this big time.

Great to have Hollywood with us today.  Infinite respect for a triple respect!

FryDaddy with the takeout.

Until next week….

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