Another new hill….

I am reasonably certain Metropolitan rivals Providence Day School as the best A.O. in all of Metro.

Tons of cover, stairs, tons of hills, rocks, and variety.

20 men dodged the fartsack and lined up for the DRP in fine fashion.

Here’s what we did:

Warmup:  SSH, IW, Merican, L/R Hammy stretch, hip stretch, flutters, squats

Mosey to the back side first office building on the right past the bridge connecting the greenway to Harding place.   Lo and behold, a fine, grassy, well lit hill.  11’s, burpees at the top, xfit mericans at the bottom.  Lots of requests to cut it short, and random complaints from the usual suspects, but everybody got the job done in fine fashion.

Plank and mary for the 6.

Mosey to the rocks under the bridge over Pearl St. Grab a rock for Rock Mary.  Jacknife with Rock, Dolly Press, Russian Twist, Louganis, Rock Flutters.

Return rock, and mosey to the best grass in all of Metro for a round of Wheel of Fortune, each guy calls an exercise and runs to the end and back.  20 rounds.  Nibbler was bitching at every called exercise, then calls burpees himself as he SLOWLY lopes to the other end and back #(*&^*@$$%….

Mosey to the pullup bars at the Asian library for 20 pullups OYO.


AG field fundraiser – give generously !

Revolution Sat. at 7 a.m.

Pigskin with the fine takeout.

Thanks Eminem for the keys !  Always an honor.

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