PreBlast – Midwood and 6@6

Don’t let his name fool you, tomorrow’s Q is a Bulldog through and through – resolute, determined, and tough as nails, Tebow will be leading the Pax at Midwood this week!  With the tenacity of a bulldog and all the gentle tenderness of a gator, Tebow does both his alma mater and his F3 namesake proud!

On top of that, Missing De is blazing a 6 mile trail through the QC at 6am for anyone brave enough to join him.  Despite a recent calf injury, he is fighting through the pain to Q the Midwood 6@6…talk about fortitude and leadership!

Missing De’s run starts at 6am and the workout kicks off at 7am.  Come for one, come for both, just come out!  Both meet in the parking lot of Midwood Park.


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