Son, you got a panty on your head

18 chose Sparta…

Down the hill, right on McDonald & to the bike shop for 10 burpees.  Right on Park, left on Lilac, stop for 10 burpees.  Take Lilac to the top of MegaTool – 10 burpees (only Redd Foxx enjoyed this).  Mary for the six.

Down to the bottom of MegaTool for 25 merkins, back up to the top for 20 merkins, back to the bottom for 15 merkins, backwards run up to the speed bump for 10 merkins, back to the bottom for 5 merkins.  Mary for the six.

Into Princeton Park – traverse the swing set OR do 5 burpees (ReddFoxx did 10).

Out of the park, down around the lake & over the bridge to the Nature Center.  20 lbc’s then to the top of Hamburger Hill for 15 wide arms X 5 rounds.  Mary for the six.

Back over the bridge and around the lake to Princeton Ave.  Backwards run up Princeton to the playground.  10 pullups then out to the bottom of MegaTool.  AYG to the top then 10 burpees.    Mosey back towards AO, stopping at the bike shop for 5 burpees .  Backwards run up the Sedgefield hill for 5 final burpees (again, only ReddFoxx enjoyed this).  COT

Announcements – even though he’s not moving anytime soon there’s a going away happy hour tonight for Mariah.  Meet at Catawba around 7pm if you want in – Mariah has graciously offered to pick up the tab for the first two hours.


Snots out front & quick to point out to the pax how fast he is.  DIB and Steroid also flying. Schlitz posted yet again & seems to be taking to this F3 thing, though the only words YHC has ever heard him speak are “you guys are fucking crazy”.  Daphne back for more punishment and getting stronger each time out.  Skyline must be feeling better given how much shit he talked – always better to have him in the gloom.  The Sunset crew was rolling deep, circa 2014, with Ranger, Code Name & Honey Badger back in the mix.  Good to see that Ranger, fresh off a two year hiatus, has not forgotten the art of sandbagging for 40 minutes then crushing the AYG back to AO.  Pate, doubling down on his assault against common decency, went full Magnum PI and added one of Natalie’s tank tops to his summer ensemble. Maybe was your scheduled Q for today but went down with a foot injury at Sweet Six yesterday.  Heal up, brother.

One thought on “Son, you got a panty on your head

  • May 18, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    Doobie what an axe to grind this morning. I haven’t felt that crappy by the end of a beatdown in a while. The loss of fluids, zero recovery, and chasing a guy name Steriod all day caught up to me.

    Strong beatdown today. Definitely earned the beers that will he consumed later.

    I think Pate feels threatened by D. Tepper’s famous big veiny brass nuts and wanted to show off his own pair of berries. Well that moose knuckle was on full display after today’s sweatfest workout. I hope Natalie helped cut His clothes off when he got home.

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