Toolbelt needs a watch!

It was a nice a muggy morning at Fortress 16 Pax made it out for Toolbelts V-Q at Fortress.

We started with some side straddle hops, imperial walkers, merkins and mountain climbers.

Then the group moseyed over to Providence Methodist, the former home of the Friday 6 am workout Armor (RIP). This is where Toolbelt got his name so it made sense to take it back for a little nostalgia.

3 rounds of stair hops, lunge walks and 15/10/5 wide hand merkins.

Then back to home base at Providence Pres. When we partnered off for 15/10/5 hand slap merkins and leg throw downs.

Then to the hill. Up backwards, 15/10/5 squats at the top and 15/10/5 plank jacks at the bottom. There was some gripes but that was because we didn’t do more hill climbs.

Back to partners, ran to opposite ends of the lot for 10/20/30 LBCs and lunges. Then met in the middle for a Broopee. Snowden introduced these a couple weeks ago and it was time to bring them back. Lots of good air this morning. Cannoli was really getting after it!

Next back to the other end of the parking lot for 15 merkins, then 10 and 5 at the next two speed bumps.

Cicle up on your six for 20 Dollys, Rosalitas, and Flutter kicks

Noonan who was keeping the clock said 5 more minute so we Karoke to one side of the lot then back, six inches count from Coach and ten count from Gridlock then bust it back to home.

Announcements: Midwood 6 and 6 and the workout 7-7:45 at Midwood park (Gridlock)

AG middle fundraising for grounds work (Robo Cop)

Thanks all for coming out and I will have a watch next time.



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