New Parking Deck




I took the lead today and decided that Valdez had a good idea last week using the other parking deck. It has more levels and thus it is a better way to dish out pain.


It was getting close to the 7:00 before Skoal, VW and DRM showed up. Very impressive pre-workout workout.


We had two visitors to Core today; Easy Rings and Yat. Glad to have you! Come back next week! Of course, with new visitors, I couldn’t make it an easy work-out. I think I suck-seeded.


We started out with the typical warmup including a little stretching. Given what was planned, we did not do merkins. After about 5 minutes, I decided we had all the victims we were going to get for today’s edition of Core and we paired up. Since we had 11 people, DoReMi was odd man out.


We did a Farmer’s Carry. Partner 1 does 5 Burpees while Partner 2 carries the two bells. I had Wuerffel as my partner. This is his wheelhouse. I had to work hard to catch up with him. Evidently, it is also Turntable’s wheelhouse. He and Hoedown led the way to the top and back.


We went to the top of the Byrum parking deck. I believe it is about 2 more levels than the other parking deck. At the top, we did a partner’s Jacob Ladder. Partner 1 takes the stairwell to the bottom, does 1 Burpee and returns to the top. Partner 2 does a circuit of TCPRs (Triceps, Curls, Presses and Rows) with the kettlebell. The idea was to get to 7 Burpees.


Too much complaining on the Jacob’s Ladder. “The stairwell’s too hot.” “The stairwell smells like cigarette smoke.” “No air circulation in the stairwell.” “I’m taking the elevator up.” “You know, there’s a number 5.” So I pulled the plug after 5 rounds. We returned to the Field of Dreams the same way we came (Farmer’s Carry with 5 Burpees.)


Hoedown complained about his shoulder. Someone commented that not only will it hurt your shoulder, it’ll make you blind. For the record, that is NOT why I had Lasik surgery or rotator cuff surgery.


Upon returning to the Field of Dreams, we did a couple of Mary exercises until everyone was there.


Next, ‘Wheel of Fortune’. You call an exercise and run around the circle while everyone does the called exercise. After that was over, we did a ‘countdown’. Start with 20 KB swings, then 18 Upright Rows, 16 KB Swings, etc.


Next, 20 Hammer Curls and we finished up with 5 minutes of Maria. For record, Peppers, it is not true that there is no such thing as “Heels to Heaven”.



Convergence a week from Monday, 6:30 at Bandshell at Southpark.


Contributions to the AG Mothership. F3 wants to raise $5k. If there is a total of $2.5k given, F3 Foundation will match. Right now, Core is in the lead. Total to date given $1.4k.


According to DoReMi, Little W says Jacob’s Ladder sux. I asked Little W at Coffeeteria if that was true. He commented that as long as he’s not personally involved, he thinks the Jacob’s Ladder ROCKS!


MIP at 9:00


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