No Q No Problem TM

9 showed up to MIP not knowing who would lead the rag-tag crew.  However after a quick coin flip, YHC pulled out the old bag of tricks, modified a Rev workout, modified, a Lee TM workout from years ago and off we went.

Standard warm up in front of Rescue Mission: Planks, Copperhead squats, Copperhead Squat/IW combo, More plank into slow cadence Mtn Climbers, Lunges, Peter Parkers, and a low plank march.

Mosey to Cedar Hill Deck:
10 IC Derkins, Ladder sit ups (Sit up touching every wire on the fence, all the way up then back down… about 12 Full sit ups).  Repeat.  Add Reverse Lunges IC.

Mosey to the A&P Loading Dock/Parking lot.
Modified Lee 400.  4 Laps, 25 Merkins at each turn (1st lap).  20 squats second lap, 10 (each leg) Flutter Kicks for third lap, then 5 Crossfit Merkins  last lap.  (Earlier Finishers did an extra Lap, everyone had to do one lap backwards).

Minutes of Mary:  Pistol Sit ups, oblique crunches, heels to heaven, rose-a-lita, dolly, lbc.
Mosey back, stop for bearcrawl, Baryshnkovs, people’s chair, and COT.

What do you do when you don’t have a plan…improvise by “borrowing” from better men.  YHC showed up a little late to hear there was no Q.  Quickly (maybe because I’m out of shape), YHC jumped on the Q, so that the pace was more Marv friendly.   However, without ample timing what should you do, what should you do…then it hit me.  Just sample some Rev and Lee, throw ’em in a blender and the PAX should get a decent workout in right?  What could go wrong?
Ab work was a modified pushup exercise we did last week.  Rev’s was better, but don’t let him know that.
Lee 400 is always ambitious.  Looking back YHC misses, (how? why? who thinks of this stuff?) being able to keep up and the challenge.  However about 50 pushups in, without the extra distance of say a city block between sets we realized we might be fried during Cross-fits.
The injury bug is in full effect at MIP, so quick healing for ZooKeeper and Remix.  Remix gutted through his chest injury, doing more lunges and squats than anyone.  Zookeeper wanted to be out there, but was chased away by Marv.
Don’t forget to look for the email/link about the Mothership, and AG’s field.  Patriots’ 5K and convergence on Memorial Day.

Lastly as summer kicks off, think about stopping by during the break.  Bring you middle school/teen and show them the value of not only F3 but serving others.
Lots of spots available on the sign up genius link.


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